%CHILDS NAME% Personal Plan

%CHILDS NAME% Personal Plan

%CHILDS NAME% Personal Plan

%CHILDNAME% suffers from Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome (FPIES) and has severe allergy to rice. %CHILDNAME% can only have food that he has tried at home and does not have a reaction to.


All food and drinks to be given to %CHILDNAME% must have been made by an appointed person including foods from home. They must be checked, signed and verified by two authorised members of staff. Authorised staff to ensure that %CHILDNAME% is being given food that he can have.

There are NO rice products at all on the nursery premises especially on days when %CHILDNAME% attends nursery.

If there is any doubt at all %CHILDNAME% must not be given the food in question.

At every meal time and whenever any child in the Blossoms Room (2-3) is having food. The following procedures must be followed:

  • All children must be given meals at the table.
  • %CHILDNAME% must be in a feeding chair away from arms reach of other children‘s food with %STAFFMEMBERS% throughout his lunch and snacks.
  • %CHILDNAME% will sit at the table beside the story comer to eat snack and when snack is finished %CHILDNAME% will sit in the story comer on a staff members knee listening to a story or taking part in song time until the area is cleaned appropriately.
  • If any child is having a meal or snack at any time a member of staff must remain with the child until they have finished their lunch.
  • All children need to have had their hands and faces cleaned and any remaining foods removed.
  • All tables must be wiped, floors swept, remaining foods and dishes must be returned to the kitchen.
  • Some children have water bottles in the room to drink when they need it. Children will have water only in these bottles. If a child has juice this will be kept in the child's own tray and the child will be taken out of the playroom to drink it.
  • %STAFFMEMBERS% must supervise %CHILDNAME% throughout meal times
  • %STAFFMEMBERS% must supervise %CHILDNAME% whenever any child is eating or drinking and make sure the floors are adequately swept and it is safe for %CHILDNAME% to play.

%CHILDNAME% parents to give details weekly on what foods that %CHILDNAME% can have and does not have a reaction to.
The above procedures mm; be followed every time %CHILDNAME% or any other child is having food or drink out with the above times.