Child Nutrition Program Decision Grid for Early Learning Programs in Schools

Child Nutrition Program Decision Grid for Early Learning Programs in Schools

Child Nutrition Program Decision Grid for Early Learning Programs in Schools

Class Time / School Breakfast Program
(School Meals Program) / School Lunch Program
(School Meals Program) / Afterschool Snack
(School Meals Program) / At-Risk Afterschool Snack/Meal
(Child and Adult Care Food Program) / Special Milk Program*
Morning Class / Yes / Yes / No / No / Yes
Afternoon Class / Yes / Yes / Yes / No / Yes
Morning Class with wrap around care / Yes / Yes / Yes / Yes / Yes
Afternoon Class with Before/After Care / Yes / Yes / Yes / Yes / Yes
Afternoon Class with After Care / No / Yes / Yes / Yes / Yes
Evening Class / No / No / No / Yes / Yes

Contact your local food service director to discuss the potential of early learning students participating in Child Nutrition Programs. Participation in school meals programs may require adjustments to the annual application for school nutrition programs. Participation in at-risk afterschool programs or the Special Milk Program requires a separate application process. Contact Food and Nutrition Service staff at the Minnesota Department of Education for more information.

The cost of breakfast, lunch, snack and the special milk is determined by each school district. There is no charge to students in programs at area eligible schools for afterschool snacks and at-risk snacks/meals. The at-risk afterschool snacks/meals are only available to schools that are area eligible. Area eligibility is based on local economic factors and is related to schools having 50 percent or greater students qualifying for meal benefits. Students can apply for meal benefits using the Application for Educational Benefits and may qualify for free or reduced-price meals and snacks.

School breakfast includes: Grain, milk and fruit. Breakfast is usually served before school starts and may be served in a cafeteria or classroom setting.

School lunch and at-risk supper includes: meat/meat alternate, grain, fruit, vegetable and milk.

Afterschool snack and at-risk snack includes two of the following: grain, milk, fruit/fruit juice or vegetable and meat/meat alternate.

*The Special Milk Program can be offered only if students do not have access to any other Child Nutrition Program. The Special Milk Program reimburses the same amount for each one-half pint of milk used. The reimbursement amount is the same regardless of a student’s certification level. The reimbursement rate for 2013-14 is $.2025 per one-half pint. The reimbursement amount does not cover the entire cost of providing the milk. Schools may charge students for the additional cost of providing milk according to Minnesota Department of Education guidelines.


Food and Nutrition Service

OR 651-582-8526 OR 800-366-8922 (toll-free Minnesota only)