Ch 17 Renaissance and Reformation Calendar

Ch 17 Renaissance and Reformation Calendar

Honors World History

Ch 17 Renaissance and Reformation Calendar

Date / ACTIVITY / Reading & Homework
11/4 / What can you learn from art? Renaissance cards, 480-485 Discuss humanism, the arts, the printing press and the effects of these / 471-477
First 11 Renaissance cards due
11/5-6 / Renaissance card check and game, Martin Luther movie / 488-489 Refine/complete ALL Renaissance cards, Bias Paper due
11/9 / Martin Luther movie continued (collect movie notes), CT 95 wksht / Ren cards
11/10 / Renaissance card check, Annotate 95 Theses / 486-489, 503 SBA 1-3
11/12-13 / The Prince close-read analysis check and use with the Unit prompt, CT wksht 16, Reformer chart / Protocol The Prince for characteristics of the Renaissance, 490-491501 DBQ 1-3
11/16 / Henry and Elisabeth, Catholic reforms,
Protestant/Catholic flowchart / 492-494 and 495-500
Reformer chart due
11/17 / TEST / Reformation crossword/review
11/18 / ECAP w/counselors

Objectives: World History Concept 4: Renaissance and Reformation

PO 1. Analyze the results of Renaissance thoughts and theories:

  1. Rediscovery of Greek and Roman ideas
  2. Humanism and its emphasis on individual potential and achievements
  3. Movement to Secularism.
  4. Scientific approach to the natural world
  5. Middle Eastern contributions (e.g. math and science)
  6. Innovations in the arts and sciences. (e.g. perspective, painting, sculpture.)
  7. Examine the critical impact that Raphel, Da Vinci, Titian, Machiavelli, and Michelangelo had on the Renaissance
  1. Analyze the main principles of a Renaissance man.

PO 2. Explain how the ideas of the Protestant Reformation and the Catholic Reformation affected society:

  • Explain causes and effects of the Reformation
  • Social, political, economical, secular

Analyze Martin Luther’s contributions of Martin Luther and John Calvin

Major Assignment : Renaissance Cards

You will need to make 21 Renaissance cards for this activity. Each card will be about a famous person from the Renaissance. All information you need is found in the book. Specifics are on the other side:

Renaissance Cards

Use half of a 3X5 card for each. On the lined side, have the following:

person’s full name, dates they lived or did their work, what they are known for (painter, sculptor, writer, etc.), and then a list of famous works they are known for. On the blank side, put a symbol that will remind you of that person – but you can’t use words or numbers.

Medici family




da Vinci










van Eyck





Queen Elizabeth I