Cedarridgeelementary School

Cedarridgeelementary School

I.R.I. Analysis

Jody Jarrell

CedarRidgeElementary School

2nd Grade Student

Instructional Level

I feel that Student C’s reading instructional level would be on a second grade level. Student C’s flash score at a second grade level is 65% which is in the gray area (it’s in the higher part of the gray area). I noticed that she hesitated a lot which caused her scores to go down but her un-timed score was 100%. Also, her reading rate for second grade is 76wpm. At second grade a child should read between 60-90wpm. Her rate was right in the middle of the second grade level. Student C’s silent rate was 79wpm which was in the 60-90wpm range. Also, her comprehension scores for second grade were very good. Oral comprehension was 90% and silent comprehension was 100%. When Student C would answer the questions, she would give great details from the passage she read. Student C’s oral reading accuracy score was 97% which was above the 95% instructional line. I feel that Student C would perform well at a second grade level. I would work with her on increasing her flash scores which would also help her rate scores. I feel that she is “late second grade level and could possibly handle early third grade material if improvements are made in her word recognition skills and her reading rate.

Frustration Level

I feel that Student C would be frustrated at a third grade level because of two major scores on her IRI. When I tested Student C on the third grade flash words she scored 55% which is in the lower part of the gray area. Student C’s biggest problem is that she hesitates which count as errors. Once I uncover the word her un-timed score was 95%. She clearly knows the words but has trouble saying them at a rapid level. Also at a third grade level, a child’s oral reading rate should be between 80-110wpm. Student C’s rate was 62wpm which is 18 words below the minimum. Her silent rate was 79wpm and it should be between 90-120wpm. She was 11 words below the silent rate minimum. Her comprehension scores for third grade were 72% (oral) and 100% (silent). Her oral reading accuracy was 96% at third grade which is instructional. Because her flash and rate scores are low, I feel that Student C would become frustrated with longer third grade passages because it would take her a good amount of time to get through them. Even though her comprehension and oral reading accuracy scores are instructional, if she can’t read at an acceptable rate she will eventually become frustrated.

Spelling Level

When I gave Student C the spelling part of the IRI, I was surprised at how she performed. When I would tell her a word, she would sit and think about the word. I feel that she was trying to be extra careful because some of her mistakes I felt were well thought out mistakes. I feel that Student C would be instructional in spelling on the second grade level. She scored 67% correct on the second grade list. 67% is right in the middle of the instructional range. At the second grade level, Student C’s main problem was doubling the consonants in words like trapped, and shopping. Another mistake was when she tried to spell the word queen and she spelled it “qween”. She was clearly trying to sound out the word and I saw her as she sounded out the qu sound. She was very close in spelling the words she missed. I feel that Student C could comfortably decode and spell words at a second grade level.

Student C was frustrated at the third grade level because she scored only 25% correct. Her mistakes became much more random and didn’t follow a pattern. Some examples of her spelling at the third grade level were when she tried to spell scream and she spelled “sceem”. She did not hear the “r” sound at all in the word. She also spelled the word caught, without using the “ough”. She spelled it cout. I felt that some of her mistakes were close to the actual spelling. A person could clearly tell what word she was trying to spell. I feel that Student C would struggle trying to decode the third grade word list and above. By her score she was clearly in the frustration zone. I would work with Student C on doubling the consonants and the different ending sounds and some blending patterns.

Reading Instructional Level – 2ndGrade

Reading Frustration – 3rdGrade

Spelling Instructional Level – 2nd Grade

Spelling Frustration Level – 3rd Grade