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We require a $300 deposit to hold a puppy for you.

AtCastle Creek Cavaliersour mission is to produce puppies of superior quality to fulfill the Pleasures of the most discerning pet owner. We go to great length to select the proper parents free of faults and full of desirable traits along with temperament and personality that is relaxing to be around. We work hard from the time they are born until they leave our home to ensure that each puppy is developed as an individual and love to be with people yet well mannered. We handle each puppy multiple times every day and in every way to make this possible. We believe that all these things are important to you, the new owner, to make your adjustment and new addition the most pleasurable experience you have ever had.

Puppy Details:


Place of Purchase:Escondido, Ca. Date of Sale:______Sale Price:______

Type of Registry:

AKC______KC______IKC______Papers in Hand______Mail Papers______

Full Breeding Rights______Limited Breeding Rights______

Names and Registration Numbers of:

Sire:______Sire #:______

Dam:______Dam #:______


Buyer understands that the puppy being purchased can be a fragile breed. Furthermore, buyer understands additional care will be needed to insure health and well-being of said puppy.


All puppies have worms but we have worked to keep the exposure to the lowest level possible. We have never to our knowledge, had tapeworms, or gardia. We work all the adults monthly with Interceptor for heartworm prevention but also for hookworm, roundworm and whipworm control. This product satisfies the Centers for Disease Control recommendation to aid in the control of visceral larval migrans

Seller states the puppy you are purchasing is healthy at the time of sale. Once the puppy leaves the seller’s premises, it is under buyer’s control. Notice of any problem with puppy must be received within 72 HOURS in the manner described below.

1. Buyer agrees to have the puppy examined by a reputable veterinarian within 72 HOURS from the time of the purchase and to have the Veterinary Examination Report completed by the attending veterinarian. This report must be returned to seller immediately following the examination. Failure to return written report within 24 hours of exam invalidates this contract. This report may be faxed to (760) 929-8669. If this veterinarian establishes a MAJOR problem (internal, external parasites and kennel cough excluded) with the puppy upon initial examination, puppy may be returned at this time. Seller reserves right to have puppy examined by a veterinarian of seller’s choice, before making the puppy exchange.

2. Puppy is guaranteed for 72 HOURS from date and time of purchase against infectious diseases such as Parvo, Corona, or Distemper.

3. Puppy is guaranteed for 1 year from date of purchase against genetic defects.

4. All veterinary expenses are the responsibility of the pet owner.


Seller will consider a replacement puppy only if the conditions detailed in the “Health” section are met. If the puppy has not visited the Veterinarian as agreed, within the 72-hour time frame, and Seller immediately following exam has not received the Vet Exam Report, NO exchange will be considered.

1.) To return a puppy, notify us by phone prior to return. The original veterinary report and registration papers must be presented with the puppy if they were received at time of purchase.

2.) Buyer will be given a replacement puppy of comparable size and value. (If replacement puppy is not available at this time, Buyer will be given a voucher for puppy and notified IMMEDIATELY when comparable puppy is available). ALL exchanges are limited to a puppy of the same value or purchase price of the puppy.

3.) In the event of death of puppy within the 72-hour guarantee period, Buyer will take the deceased puppy to a veterinarian of his choice for the purpose of an autopsy at BUYER'S expense. The deceased puppy must be returned with a statement from the veterinarian with cause of death. If the puppy died of natural causes of a warrantable condition, a replacement puppy will be provided to Buyer. However, if trauma or neglect is found to play a role in the demise of the puppy in any manner or fashion, then no exchange will be forthcoming. Additionally, Buyer agrees to hold Seller harmless for such. Puppies are not exchanged for any other reason.

4.) If you live in an apartment complex, or any other residence that may restrict pets, you are affirming that you have received permission from the proper authority for this puppy.

5.)There will be no guarantee made as to disposition, conformation, size, color or breeding ability of this puppy.

This agreement is made and entered into in the State of California and shall be enforced and interpreted under the laws of this State.

I have read, understand, and agree to these terms and limitations.

I consider this to be a legally binding document.

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