Carey Rakich, Jean Rakich, Billy Z., Jim Schieb, Michele Delaney

Carey Rakich, Jean Rakich, Billy Z., Jim Schieb, Michele Delaney

3B Baseball Minutes

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

8 PM White Park


Carey Rakich, Jean Rakich, Billy Z., Jim Schieb, Michele Delaney

Not attending:

Matt Wagenhauser, Martin Sekulski, Derick Hutchinson, Steve Rechsteiner, Dave Martin,Donnie Stevens, Nick Brillhart, Jeff Rose, Tony Legeza, Dave Hottman, Kyle Young, Scotty Young, Dave Martin, Donnie Stevens, Nick BrillhartandTodd Spears


Carey called the meeting to order at 8:09 PM. Could not approve minutes as not enough of the board in attendance.

New Business

  • Gator/golf cart update– the gator was $500 to fix and the golf cart was also fixed for $1,400. Both are now working.
  • Countryside mound and batter’s box repair – they are coming tomorrow and doing the work tomorrow and Friday. We should spread stone on Fields 2 and 5. Carey came out and spent some time spike dragging the fields and going crisscross both ways. Steve did more a few days later. We need to do periodically as the fields go back to having waves.
  • Park Board/Community Ed
  • Rookie/Farm Discussion—Park Board was concerned that we were using their fields at Indian Creek without proper permitting. Matt sent out a reminder about getting permits for Indian Creek. We put a reference on the website about Community Ed.
  • Requested funding for Parking Lot and Batting Cages – Connie asked Carey to put together a proposal for funding the parking lot and to replace the batting cages. Carey copied Paul Pirrone also. This would probably be a 50/50 deal. Park Board brought up the work release folks to clean up the brush and shrubbery in the parking lot by field 2.

Committee Reports & Updates

Board Member Time

  • Billy Z. - A lot of new coaches and parents have complained about how they are mean and scream at the kids. Billy Z asked is there anything we can do about this. We will table to talk about this at the annual meeting.
  • Michele – The seal is not fixed on the toilet in the ladies room on the 2nd toilet. Carey will call Miller NuTech again and tell them it still leaks.
  • Jimmy – Matt posted rules and sent out communication that registration is open for 19 and over. Coaches meeting on Sunday at White Park at 1 PM. They will charge a $5 fee for subs.

Public Comment

  • No public comment

Meeting adjourned at8:30. Next meeting is Wednesday,July 5that 7:30PM at White Park.

3B Baseball Minutes 6/7/2017