California Squash Tour 2005

California Squash Tour 2005




You are invited to join National Squash Chris Walker and Nationally ranked player/Coach Ben Oliner on a tour of California. The 10 day trip is scheduled around the Pacific Athletic Club Junior Open in Redwood City (approximately 20 miles South of San Francisco) and The San Diego Junior Open, at Chris Walker’s own squash club in San Diego. Both these tournaments are USSRA sanctioned events and will count towards the 2007/2007 season’s ranking. It’s a great way to take the pressure of the season by competing in 2 of the required 4 tournaments before the school year even starts.

In addition to the coaching assistance camp members will receive during the two tournaments, there will also be over 20 hours of scheduled practice and training time with the coaches. Training days will take place at The Pacific Athletic Club, StanfordUniversity and The San Diego Squash Club. The tour will also include some great tourist activities in both San Francisco and San Diego.

Provisional Schedule, August, 2007

Thurs 9th Players arrive into San Francisco by 7pm

Fri 10thSquash Camp half day at StanfordUniversity.

San Francisco Sight Seeing Activity 1

Sat 11th California Junior Open, Redwood City

Sun 12thCalifornia Junior Open, Redwood City

Mon 13thSquash Camp, StanfordUniversity (includes campus tour)

Tues 14thSquash Camp, StanfordUniversity

San Francisco Sight Seeing Activity 2

Weds 15thFlight to San Diego

Half day session at San Diego Squash

Thurs 16thSquash Camp, San Diego Squash Club

Fri 17thTournament Practice & Preparation

San Diego Sight Seeing Activity 1

Sat 18thSan Diego Squash Junior Open *

Sun 19thSan Diego Squash Junior Open *

Sun evening :Players depart San Diego for home

FYI: Mon 20-Fri 24th : SQUASH AND SURF CAMP (20-24th), San Diego.

With Neil Harvey, Chris Walker and other special guests.

Full 10 day camp cost - $2,250 per person

This includes:

  • 10 nights of hotels (hopefully with breakfast).
  • Airport transfer and all other transportation costs in SF and SD
  • Oakland to San Diego Flight
  • All Squash Coaching Fee’s
  • 3 Sight Seeing Activities, split between San Fran and San Diego

This excludes:

  • Flight into SFO/Oakland arriving 08/09
  • Flight out of San Diego on the evening of 08/19 or morn of 20th
  • Tournament Entry fees
  • Food and beverage

Alternative Options

Northern California Only - $1,300 (with 6 nights hotel accommodation*)

Starting 10.00am on the 10th, and ending evening of the 14th.

Southern California Only - $1,050 (with 4 nights hotel accomodation*)

Starting 10.00am on the 17th, and ending after the tournament on the 20th.

* It is possible to join us as a day camper only. If so then deduct $50 for every night that hotel accommodation is not required.

The camp will be of limited size (with no more than 1 coach to 6 children and that will be maintained 24/7) so to book your place please fill out the paperwork attached and send (along with your check made payable in the name of ‘Chris Walker’) to:

Chris Walker, 15 East Putnam Avenue #260, Greenwich, CT.06830.

For further information contact:

Chris Walker on 203-570-2770 or at

Agreement to Participate and Liability Waiver for Minors Participating in the 2007 California Squash Tour

Agreement to Participate. All activities involve certain inherent risks. Regardless of the care taken, it is impossible to ensure the safety of all participants. Chris Walker’s ‘2007 California Squash tour’ is a vigorous, cardiovascular activity requiring sustained game play, endurance, coordination and squash skill. While great care will be taken in conducting the event, it is unable to eliminate all risk from the activity.

It is possible for squash players to suffer common injuries such as cramps, muscle strains, and sprains. More serious, but less frequent injuries such as broken bones, cuts, contusions, heart attacks, strokes, paralysis, and death may also occur. These injuries, and others, may result from such incidents as (but not limited to) slips and falls, tripping, colliding with another player, heart-related illnesses, and stress placed on the cardio-vascular system.

All squash players are expected to follow these safety guidelines:

  1. Wear proper footwear.
  2. Be alert for unanticipated hazards on the court.
  3. Do not crowd other players
  4. Consume adequate liquids during your training.
  5. Follow all instructions given by your coaches.
  6. Wear protective eyewear at all times when on the court.

I agree to follow the preceding safely rules, all posted safety rules, and all rules common to the game of squash and squash training exercises. Further, I agree to report any unsafe practices, conditions, or equipment to StanfordUniversity and San Diego Squash, Inc management.

I certify that I 1) I possess a sufficient degree of physical fitness to safely participate in the 2007 California Squash tour, 2) I understand that I am to discontinue playing squash and training for squash at any time I feel undue discomfort or stress, and 3) I will indicate below any health-related conditions that might affect my ability to safely complete the 2007 California Squash Tour and I will verbally inform the coaches immediately.

Circle: Diabetes / Heart Problems / Seizures / Asthma / Other______

I have read the preceding information and my questions have been answered. I know, understand, and appreciate the risks associated with playing and training for squash and I am voluntarily participating in the activities. In doing so I am assuming all of the inherent risks of the sport. I further understand that in the event of a medical emergency, management will call EMS to render assistance and that I will be financially responsible for any expenses involved.


Signature of Participant DateSignature of ParentDate

Waiver of Liability: In consideration of being permitted to participate in the 2007 California Squash Tour, on behalf of myself, my family, my heirs, and my assigns, I hereby release Stanford University and San Diego Squash, Inc from liability for injury, loss, or death to myself, while participating in the Squash Tour or while in any way associated with participating on the Tour now or in the future, resulting from the ordinary negligence of Stanford University and San Diego Squash, Inc its agents, or employees.


Signature of Participant DateSignature of ParentDate

This form is to be filled out by a parent.

Name of Junior:______

Junior’s e-mail address : ______

Home Address:______



Home Telephone : ______

Father’s Name : ______E-mail:______

Tel. (father) : (m) ______(w) ______

Mother’s Name : ______E-mail:______

Tel. (mother) : (m) ______(w) ______

Special requirements : ______

Please find my check enclosed for $______.

Please make check payable to ‘Chris Walker’ and sent to 15 East Putnam Avenue #260, Greenwich, CT.06830. Please also include the Agreement to Participate and Liability Waiver. Finally when you have booked your flight into San Francisco / Oakland (and back home from San Diego), then please e-mail the details to .

NB. The preferred method of communication for Chris is e-mail.