By Sophia Lerebours

By Sophia Lerebours

North Carolina flag

State Seal

By Sophia Lerebours

What’s in a Name?

North Carolina was named by King Charles IIin honor of his father King Charles I. Carolina originated from the Latin name for Charles, Carolus. Charles II was naming a colony which became North Carolina.

North Carolina’s nickname is the Tar Heel State. It received its nickname because of a soldier’s actions. The state was known for its tar. A soldier decided to put tar on the heels of his fellow soldiers’ boots, so they didn’t run away during the fight.

North Carolina has another nickname: The Old North State. This is because when Carolina was split in 1770, the northern part was older than southern part.

State Symbols

State Motto: “Esse Quam Videri” To be rather than to seem.


Dogwood Cardinal

Political Features

The population of North Carolina is 9,535,483 people as of 2010. The five largest cities and their populations are (in greatest to least), Charlotte with 731,424 people, Raleigh with 40,892 people, Greensboro with 269,666 people, Winston-Salem with 229,617 people and Durham with 228,330 people.

There are 100 counties in this state. Robeson is the largest county in size, measuring 949 square miles. Mecklenburg is the largest county in population with 919,628 people as of 2010.

In North Carolina, there are 5 major highways. They are I-95,I-26, I-40, I-77 and I-85.

Physical Features


The major rivers are the Roanoke River, Yadkin/Pee Dee River, Neuse River, Tar-Pamlico River, Cape Fear River, Catawba River, Little Tennessee River and French Broad River.


The highest point in the state is Mount Michell. The Appalachian Mountains go through the state as well


The winters are not bad; they’re pretty warm at an average of 34o- 53o. The spring isn’t cold, around 51o- 70o. The summers are not bad with the temperature averaging at 67o-86o. The fall is warm around 52o-72o.



North Carolina is great at raising turkey, chicken and hogs. They also grow peanuts, sweet potatoes, and tobacco.

Service Industry

Health care, education, and bike repair are common services in North Carolina.

Points of Interest

You should visit Ocracoke Island, Blackbeard’s hideout. Maybe try the world’s largest drawers. If you like museums, try visiting Raleigh, the capital. They have two museums there that you might try; North Carolina Museum of History and North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. I would probably visit the Country Doctor Museum, since I want to be a doctor.

Fun Facts

Did you know that North Carolina was a royal colony in 1729?

Or that Michael Jordan lived in Wilmington, North Carolina? He won a scholarship there.

Most of the ships sunk around United States during World War II were sunk by the coast of North Carolina.

The First successful plane was built by the Wright brothers in North Carolina.



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