Burbank Unified School District

TO: Principals/Site Administrators

FROM: Lori Larson

Human Resources


As you know, all volunteers that participate in school-related activities must comply with State and County-mandated tuberculosis examination requirements, as well as District requirements. This includes your PTA and non-PTA volunteers. As outlined in the Employee Handbook, the definition of a volunteer is a parent, community member, or other adult who assists at a school site or program on a regular or semi-regular basis, usually with an assigned schedule. A volunteer is a person who provides his/her time to the District without pay. Individuals who are at the school to attend or help at a one-time special event involving no unsupervised contact with children are not considered volunteers by this definition and are not required to be screened.

Each volunteer is required to provide documentation that he/she is free of active tuberculosis. This requirement must be met by obtaining a Mantoux skin test not more than 60 days prior to the District’s “approval date”. Testing may be done through the District, their personal physician, or a community health center. Only a volunteer who has a documented history of a positive Mantoux will be given the option of providing a chest x-ray and a certificate from a physician stating that the employee is free from active tuberculosis. Tuberculosis testing must be renewed every four years. Once their TB test results expire, they are no longer considered an active volunteer. All paperwork, including Megan’s Law clearance, must be resubmitted.

In addition to the tuberculosis requirements, the District requires additional information from volunteers, as outlined in the Employee Handbook. The requirements differ according to the category of volunteer.

Site identification badges are required for all volunteers. These badges are generated at the site and should include the volunteer’s name. District photo-identification badges are required for all volunteer walk-on coaches, athletic and performing arts.

Principals are responsible for overseeing the volunteer program at their site with the assistance of a District employee. Volunteers are not to oversee the volunteer program or act as a volunteer coordinator.

The following is being provided to you as attachments to this email:

·  Procedures for Processing Volunteers

·  Volunteer Guidelines

·  Volunteer Application and Waiver Form

·  Emergency Information Form

·  Volunteer Technology User Agreement

·  Sample informational letter to prospective district volunteers

·  Medical Provider Network Notification of Rights, English

·  Medical Provider Network Notification of Rights, Spanish

·  Medical Provider Network Volunteer Acknowledgement Form

Please feel free to contact Lori Larson in Human Resources at extension 44416, should you have any questions regarding volunteers.


Processing Procedures for General and Activities Volunteers

The following is a recommended procedure to be used when processing volunteers for approval to work at your school site:

1.  Upon your receipt of the prospective volunteer’s completed paperwork and required documentation review the paperwork for thoroughness and accuracy. Do not continue to process if the paperwork and attachments are incomplete and/or not accurate. Requirements are outlined in the Employee Handbook. If necessary, return the paperwork to the classroom teacher or the volunteer for correction.

2.  If a volunteer gives an answer of “yes” to questions two through four on the application, the site Principal must review immediately. He/she will make a determination, with guidance from Human Resources Services, whether to proceed.

3.  Once all information has been received, the volunteer coordinator will email the Request for Megan’s Law Clearance to Leticia Castillo in the Human Resources Services office, if required. First name, last name, address, sex, date of birth, and California Drivers License or California Identification Card number must be provided. Megan’s Law clearance must be received prior to volunteering.

4.  Once the Megan’s Law clearance has been secured, the Principal must also provide written approval for each volunteer.

5.  After the Principal has provided written approval your volunteer may then begin his/her site assignment. Please ensure that proper identification is provided. All Site Volunteer applications will be retained at the site.

6.  A current Volunteer List must be available at all times. All paperwork submitted by a volunteer must be maintained in a confidential manner with the Megan’s Law clearance, approval documentation and signatures.

7.  Once a volunteer’s TB test results expire, he/she is to cease volunteering until full clearance has again been secured.

8.  If your volunteer is an employee of Burbank Unified School District, he/she needs to secure a copy of his/her TB test from Human Resources. You must have a copy on file with your documentation. Employees are to complete the entire packet as well.

9.  Approval of a volunteer is handled site-by-site, not district-wide. Clearance must be secured by each site on an annual basis.

If you have any questions regarding this procedure, please feel free to contact Lori Larson in the Human Resources Services department. As situations arise, we will attempt to keep you informed.

Dear Volunteer:

Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer for the Burbank Unified School District. We are very grateful for your contribution to the education of our students.

In accordance with Health and Safety Codes, no person shall be initially assigned by the District in any position unless that person has submitted to an examination within the past 60 days to determine he/she is free of active tuberculosis. This examination shall consist of an intradermal Mantoux 5TU PPD skin test. A TINE TEST WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED FOR TUBERCULOSIS CLEARANCE. If the skin test is positive, it must be followed by a chest x-ray. If a chest x-ray is required, proof of the positive skin test is required as well. Written verification of such tests should be returned to the school site’s volunteer coordinator for processing.

A Mantoux skin test may be obtained from your private physician, a Burbank Unified School District School Nurse or a community health center.

In addition, volunteers must complete the Volunteer Application and Waiver, Emergency Information form, Technology User Agreement form and Medical Provider Network Acknowledgement. A legible copy of your California Drivers License or California Identification Card is also required. If you are volunteering to be a walk-on coach, overnight volunteer or “special circumstances” volunteer, additional requirements must be met. Please discuss requirements with the site administrator in charge of activities and volunteers.

Site identification must be worn while you are volunteering. This identification will be provided by your site coordinator. If you are a volunteer walk on coach (athletic or performing arts) a photo identification badge is required.

You may not begin volunteering until you have been notified that you have met all requirements of the District and have been approved.

If you have any questions, please contact your site volunteer coordinator.

Again, we thank you for your commitment to the students of the Burbank Unified School District.