Board Members in Attendance A. Summers, C. Dill, D. Soluri, J. Pole

Board Members in Attendance A. Summers, C. Dill, D. Soluri, J. Pole


MFOA Board Meeting

Sunday, August 11, 2013 @ 4:00 PM Ocala Star Banner Bldg. – Ocala, FL

Board members in attendance – A. Summers, C. Dill, D. Soluri, J. Pole,

K. Townsend, M. Coppock, P. Gery, R. Sullivan, T. Adams, T. Bedford, T. Lee, T. Singer, & W. Clayton

Board members not in attendance - C. Anderson, J. Law, & R. Lindeman

  • Call to Order – @ 4:03pm by A. Summers
  • Previous minutes – T. Adams Motion by T. Bedford to accept minutes as posted, 2nd by C. Dill. Motion carries.
  • Treasurer’s Report – presented by J. Pole. Motion by T. Bedford to accept Treasurer’s Report as presented, 2nd by C. Dill. Motion carries

Old Business –

  • Web page – - D. Soluri. Notes for updates given.
  • Basketball officials’ fines – T. Singer/J. Pole. M. Dempsey & D. Stirt still have outstanding fines from basketball post season. Must be paid before registering for the 2013-2014 Basketball season.
  • Football uniform update – T. Bedford. Checked with FHSAA/MFOA Policies about implementation. This issue has been tabled until next meeting.
  • M.F.O.A. Goals 2013-2014 Season – C. Anderson. None presented. Board members will think about ideas to be ready to present at our August meeting. One suggestion is to have each board member submit a job description. Other ideas are welcome.
  • 2013-2014 MFOA Committee members – please send names to T. Adams so that they may be posted on our FHSAA account, as well as, the MFOA website.
  • Other – New check payment program notice posted on webpage. J. Pole will send a written notice to D. Soluri to post for all to read. Football evaluators will be paid at the end of the season for their services during the season.

New Business –

  • Baseball News – R. Lindeman. Not present. R. Sullivan shared the following FHSAA will be hiring a new director soon. Fall slow pitch softball will start up soon. Same school as last year. Interlachen has shown an interest in our association covering their baseball and softball programs. There is a concern about travel. R. Sullivan will contact the school in regards to his concerns for travel expenses.
  • Basketball News – C. Anderson (not present)/M. Coppock/T. Lee. M. Coppock picked up Richardson MS in his area and a contact has been sent.
  • Softball News – J. Law, not present. T. Singer has concerns about the association that handled the state finals. The crews have not received their evaluations as of today.
  • 2013-2014 List of Schools/Counties covered by the MFOA – W. Clayton. Also need a list of schools that pay at the site updated and sent to D. Soluri for the webpage.
  • Football News – T. Bedford /C. Dill/K. Townsend
  • Field Clinic @ NMHS on August 17th Update – T. Bedford. Officials will need to be there, dressed ready to work, by 3:30 pm. Bring water. Lake Weir will be having a similar event on Friday that will begin approximately @ 6:00, 6:45, 7:15, and 7:45.
  • Clinic Meeting Update – T. Bedford /C. Dill /K. Townsend. None presented
  • Football Roster Ranking – T. Bedford. List has been sent out to all members involved and needs to be returned by Thursday, August 15, 2013. T. Bedford will send get with T. Adams to begin working on this year’s football relative rating.
  • Evaluation Update – P. Gery. L. Swan, P. Gery, and J. Flowers have stepped forward to work in this area. P. Gery will be scheduling a meeting to E. MacPadden to meet with coaches in regards to this new program. Board discussion was held in regards to this new program
  • Registration update – T. Adams. 105 properly registered officials as of the initial deadline on Monday, August 5, 2013. 22 properly registered basketball officials as of today.
  • 2013 Football Referee List – T. Bedford/C. Dill/ K. Townsend. Thirteen primary referee were elected and are as follows; T. Bedford, T. Bowen, W. Clayton, L. Davis, C. Dill, D. Hancock, R. Howard, W. Hunter, B. Leahy, B. Nelson, R. Sergent, R. Siders, and A. Summers. Motion by T. Bedford to accept list as presented, 2nd by M. Coppock. Motion carries.
  • Other – Flag Football Director/MFOA Registration form. W. Clayton will send out broadcast to let officials know that they must be registered with FHSAA in order to officiate flag football games this year. No exceptions. Officials need to forward their names to W. Clayton and T. Adams if they plan on participating in this sport. No form or monies will be required this year. J. Dye has requested to have his football registration monies refunded due to a job change that moves him to the Tampa area. Motion by C. Dill, 2nd by K. Townsend. Motion carries. S. Matthews has requested a letter from our association due to a transfer in job to the Tampa area. W. Clayton has a few officials who will just be officiating youth league in Gainesville booked through the MFOA. They will only be required to send in paperwork and pay booking fees.

Reports –

  • Suspensions/Fines – T. Singer. Christopher Wade for DUI arrest last fall. Charges were adjudicated; therefore, the board requires no further action.
  • Other – None presented

Adjourn – Motion adjourn @ 5:30 by C. Dill, 2nd by J. Pole. Motion carries.

NOTES: Next M.F.O.A. Board meeting, Sunday, September 8, 2013 @ 4PM Ocala Star Banner