Board and Committee Request Form

Board and Committee Request Form

Board and Committee Request Form

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Fax: 877-866-8377

Note: All of VOR’s committees meet monthly by teleconference and communicate via email between meetings.

Please rank in order of preference:

_____ VOR’s Board of Directors. VOR Board Members are elected by the VOR membership. Individuals interested in serving on VOR’s Board of Directors will be considered by the VOR Nominating Committee, with deliberations beginning on or about January 1.

______Membership and Development Committee. This committee is responsible for increasing the number of organization and individual members and retaining members. This Committee also helps the Board carry out its due diligence function related to assuring fiscal health through philanthropy and fund development. The Committee partners with staff to formalize the philanthropic process within the Board and VOR’s Membership, helping to assure financial sustainability.

______Marketing and Communications Committee. This Committee will develop VOR’s marketing/communication plan with measurable strategies, concepts and objectives to ensure a consistent and effective marketing and public relations approach, with a focus on visibility and brand consistency. The Committee will consider VOR’s “product” to market and communicate key messages to target audiences. The Committee will identify target audiences (primary, secondary and tertiary). This committee operates our Salsa platform for Action Alerts, as well as our social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter.

______Governmental Affairs Committee. This committee shall review proposed legislation, rules and regulations to determine the probable effects of proposed changes, additions and/or deletions to previous statutes or regulations upon the lives of persons with intellectual disabilities, and other such activities, as the Committee deems necessary and appropriate within its stated jurisdiction, and shall advise the Board of Directors and membership thereof. The committee shall help plan and carry out policies of the Association with respect to developments in such areas.

______Issues Oversight Committee. This Committee works to identify challenges to VOR’s mission and perspective, and opportunities to advance VOR’s perspective, on areas not covered by existing committees, through responses to the media, blogs, agencies and legislatures, etc.

______Legislative Committee. This committee monitors legislation that affects persons with intellectual disabilities as it proceeds through Congress and organizes membership response, including Washington Initiatives, Action Alerts, and other such activities, as the Committee deems necessary and appropriate.

______Legal Affairs Committee. This committee consists of attorneys and keeps abreast of litigation that may affect the rights of persons with intellectual disabilities and their families. This Committee operates as needed communication via e-mail. Meetings are scheduled as required.

In addition to these Committees, VOR also has Executive, Finance, and Nominating Committees. Members of the Executive, Nominating, and Finance Committees are Board Members.