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Rain Tubes.

Here’s how to bring rain to any city. Put at least 25 large galvanized steel pipes, (fence posts) in a running natural spring. You only need to submerge the pipe enough so that the bottom end is under water (3 inches). Let the pipes face the sky & walk away. Give it 3 days. Enjoy


For advanced methods, wrap two copper wires around it in opposing spirals.

–Counterclockwise ascending is clearing.

-Clockwise ascending is maintaining/stabilizing.

-In theory we can replace the need for the natural spring by putting water in a blue vase with a piece of quartz in there. I’m not sure what the vase should be made of.

- Aim the pipes in as many directions as possible.

For those who don’t have access to a natural running water, use the Back Yard Rain Pipes method.

Dig a hole in the ground big enough for 3 bowling balls. Put one piece of black tourmaline & quartz crystals in the ditch; quartz clusters will work best. Fill the hole with water from your water hose. Put the bottom of the pipes in the water. Keep the water slightly overflowing out of the hole.

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To whom it may concern.

Here’s how to sustain healthy weather systems in your local area. The reason you’re getting this information is the same reason everybody else is getting this information; to bring rain or neutralize droughts. Please copy this & mail it out to at least 3 scientifically minded individuals. He who controls the water controls you. We now know how to make it rain!

~ Dowin Wray Gardner ~

June 30th 2012

I am the power to change through the rays of light for gardening purposes.

Please follow through with understanding this technology.

Thank you Dr. Wilhelm Reich.

How to Sustain Healthy Weather Systems.

By: Dowin Gardner

Theoretical Electromagnetic Physicist

Aka Orgonite Austin

  • How many people believe Galileo the first time they herd him say the Sun is the center of the Universe? In his notes he speaks of his peers refusing to look through the telescope to see with their own eyes the truth. Please look into this telescope.
  • Don’t take my word for the truth. Do your own research.
  • Orgonite Brings Rain . com How to sustain healthy weather Black Sun

These are the three things you need to use & do for healthy weather system.

  • Every person needs to evaporate one gallon of vinegar a week to keep the sky clean.
  • Erect one Vortex Generator every ten square miles to neutralize 60hz EMF influence; which is causing the electromagnetic pollution.
  • Place one piece of Black Sun Orgonite every 0.2 miles in a square grid across the land. Surround power plants with lots of Black Sun Orgonite. Orgonite is usedto “transmute” the deadly EM pollution into healthy EM frequency.

What’s the end result of using these 3 solutions?

How do they work?

  • Vinegar cleans the barium acid pollution out of the sky. Vinegar is an alkaline, which neutralizesacids. Get creative on how to evaporate Vinegar. Soak a towel in vinegar & hang it up. Get an outdoor water fountain & use vinegar in it.
  • Vortex Generators & (VG’s) neutralize the EMF source from our 60 Hz electrical devices by canceling out the positive polarity of the detrimental EMF wave. VG’s saturate the area with a double negative charge, aka: natural magnetics. Build the VG’s & erect one every ten square miles. Place them in the largest tree at each grid point.
  • Black Sun Orgonite (BSO) “transmutes” unhealthy energy into healthy energy. Black Sun Orgonite is the best recipe for massive production of Orgonite I’ve developed. Cover the land in a 0.2 square mile grid, with one piece at every grid point.

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- How To Make These 3 Tools -

  • Vinegar, Towel, Fountain, buy it or make it. Not much to it.
  • Vortex Generators.
  1. In the corner of a Ziploc bag put: - a handful of black sand magnetite, a small piece of galvanized nail, & a small piece of zincite is optional but well worth the extra money.
  2. Twist the pocket of magnetite tightly closed. Zip tie it tightly closed. Cut off the excess of the bag so that none of the sand falls out. You can even burn the end of the bag closed. Now you have a corner of a Ziploc bag full of magnetite sand.
  3. Wrap the bag in a 10 gauge copper wire spiraling up & around the bag in an upward, right hand, clockwise, ascending coil. Wrap as much wire around the bag as possible. After the bag is wrapped,
  4. Continue the wrap around a Herkimer diamond. The larger the diamond, the better.
  5. Continue the wrap around a quartz point. The larger the quartz, the better.
  6. End the coil above the quartz, & you’re finished with the wrap.
  7. Now tape the crystal point to the end of a copper pipe. (copper pipe: 1/4 inch thick, & 5 feet long)
  8. Spray it black so it’s unnoticeable.
  9. Hang it in the largest tree.
  10. Do not use any duck tape with this device. There’s metal in duck tape.
  • Making Black Sun Orgonite
  1. Crush the following stones into a powder, or as small as you can. Quartz, Calcite, Blue Kyanite, Selenite, Black Tourmaline.
  2. Pour ingredients into a big bowl. Ingredients are: -Crushed Stones. - Black Iron Oxide. – Iron filings from your local automobile break repair shop; aka rotor shavings – If possible, add the smallest piece of platinum per piece of Orgonite.

-Mixture ratio is: %60 iron filings. %20 crushed quartz. %20 other crushed stones. –Then add an extra %25 of black iron oxide.

  1. Pour in resin (3M bondo Fiberglass resin (polyester) from the O’Riley’s Auto Store), & stir. Keep adding more resin until it’s soupy.
  2. Coat your ice trays in vegetable oil or pam.
  3. Play the sound of the sun (126.22 Hz) in the space where the mixture will be curing. (Download a “tone generator” & make an mp3 of the sound of the sun looping.)
  4. Add hardening agent to the mixture. (Always add more hardening agent than you need! The worst mistake you can make when making Orgonite is to not use enough hardening agent. BUY EXTRA HARDENING AGENT!!!) After the hardening agent is added, you have less than ten minutes until it solidifies.
  5. Pour it into your ice tray molds. I advise to make the smallest pieces you can. The smaller the better. (Imagine if you combined all the stars in the universe into one big star. It will be tougher for the light to reach the ends of the universe. Or you can make billions of stars & cover space to put twinkles throughout eternity.
  6. After they’ve hardened, cover the land in with your orgonite.

Where to start in your city…

1st place to start in taking care of your city is to erect seven or more rain pipes for fifteen days. That will repair the sky & bring rain.

2nd is to get a piece of Orgonite for you & other loved ones.

3rd is to place Dr. Mike Castle’s VG’s around your living area. Place on in every direction ten miles away from where you live, & one in your yard.

4th thing to do is cover the land with Orgonite.

5th thing to do is to teach your locals.

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- My Experience With These Discoveries -

I neutralized the factors causing the drought in Texas on September of 2011. To observe the results of this weather fluctuation experiment,see the Austin Bergstrom Air Force Base, CF6 Preliminary Weather Reports. For the first two waves on Sept. 4th & 14th, I put one piece of BSO on every city block. The temperatures dropped drastically the day after the first two griddings. For the 3rd wave on Sept 24th, I surrounded all the power plants with Orgonite. 3 days later it hailed in Austin. Austin then had 5 months of healthy rain.

I repeated the experiment on June 10thof 2012. In two days I covered every main highway with one piece of BSO tossed out the window every 0.4 miles. I predicted hail in Austin on June 12th or 13th. On June 12th, Dallas received $2 Billion dollars in hail damage. My bad.

Why no rain in Austin? Why only 5 months of rain last time? Here’s an analogy. If the United States where a single pool of water at a homogeneous temperature, & I threw a melting meteorite into that pool; the sudden displacement of water,(steam/hail) will move away very fast, leaving a void for water to return;after the temperatures begin to blend back together. The cold water (rain) will slowly come to the area that is now void of water due to the steam moving the water away. The rebalancing of the sudden displacement of water, is similar to a wave crashing. A huge wave of energy came towards Austin. Hail is where the energy or wave crashed. Then the water after the crash slowly moves where it needs to be. The slow moving after the hail/crash is rain.

If everything stays un-disrupted, you will have a still stagnant pond. Orgonite provides the ability for fluctuation; which leads to rebalancing; which leads to weather fluctuation; which leads to healthy weather systems, which leads to rain. Orgonite simply gives a system the ability to do what it needs to do; weather that system be the weather systems, or your physical body.

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!!! Cloudbuster CAUTION !!!

I did not include Cloudbusters (CB’s) in the instructions, because I believe CB’s have the ability to cause a drought. I know for a fact that Cloudbusters do clean the sky. I believe that if a Cloudbuster is left stationary too long, it will cause a drought. I see the Cloudbusters as a device that neutralizes all environmental influences to a neutral position. Drought is not neutral. Rain is not neutral. Calm winds are close to neutral.

In order to avoid causing a drought, the Cloudbusters must me in constant motion, or repositioned once a month or regularly. Spin your Cloudbuster. That is the best method I’ve found forCloudbusters. I hung mine by a nylon string & put a flag on the end of it so the wind would move it. I’ve had some amazing results with my spinning Cloudbusters.

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How to Build a Cloudbuster

Bundle your copper pipes together with string or tape. I like to pack them as closely together as possible; while spiraling & pointing away from the center. The spiraling out is simply to disperse the influence of the Cloudbuster in as many directions as possible.

If I could have anything in the world, it would be a sphere of Orgonite twice the size of a basket ball, with pipes pointing in every direction, kind like a dandelion flower that’s ready to have its seeds blown off into the wind.

Get a bucket that is as narrow as your bundle of pipes. Place your pipes in there. Pour your Orgonite into the bucket after you’ve added the hardening agent. Then, cut off the bottom of the bucket & slide it up to create taller walls. Tape the bottom of the bucket to the Orgonite so that when you pour more Orgonite in, it doesn’t fall our the bottom. Continue making layers of Orgonite up & around your pipes.

I don’t know if it’s beneficial to completely submerge the pipes all the way in Orgonite. I don’t know if the pipes need to be exposed. Theoretically, can we use a bucket as tall as the pipes themselves to the point where the entire pipe is submerged in Orgonite? Just something to think about.

Advanced options

1. Insert some thick copper wire into the mix, with both ends coming out of the mix, so you can use those wires as a ground wire to connect to more wires wrapped around a tree, plugged into the ground outlet of your house, or going into running water. Remove the insulation around the wire before you put it into your mixture.

2. Wrap a copper tube around the bottom of the pipes. Leave both ends of the tubing out of the mixture so you can run water through the tubing. Connect these ends to a source of fresh water or a radiator that is buried in the ground, or my favorite would be copper tubing that is wrapped around a tree. Continuously run the water through the system.

I feel that trees have more of a grounding effect than a buried radiator; unless the radiator is buried deeper than the roots of the tree.

3. Wrap copper wire around the up & around the outside of the pipes. Counter clockwise upward ascending coils clean & clear the sky. Clock wise upward ascending wrap maintains the current state of the sky. It’s ok to use both spirals around the same pipe. Can anyone find any similarities between these spirals & Reiki symbols?

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Covering the land with Orgonite Concept.

I got this concept when I realized that covering your body with Orgonite was more influential than holding a piece in one hand. So I did the same thing with Austin TX in September of 2011. We had hail 3 days after the last wave of this experiment. We had 5 months of healthy rain. It took the government 5 months to upgrade the cell towers to the point of being able to suppress the effects of my Orgonite experiment.

It cost me $800 dollars to return the rain to Austin for 5 months. It cost the cell tower companies over $60 thousand dollars to stop the rain. Hmmm…. Imagine what we could do with $6 thousand dollars worth Orgonite. They would never be able to control the weather again.

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Electromagnetic Pollution

Stops the Rain.

The strongest source of electromagnetic pollution is “cell phone towers” & power lines. (By the way, they’re not cell phone towers. Cell phone technology is added into towers. The towers are weather & mind control devices.) I have a video of a thunder storm heading towards Austin Texas. As the thunder storm reaches highway 620, it vanishes.

The government has a program called HAARP. You can remove the clouds by putting enough electricity into the sky. That is a side effect of HAARP. High Altitude Aurora Research Program.

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Ether Physics

How does Black Sun Orgonite Work?

Healthy areas are saturated in ether particles that vibrate the field at the rate that is most conducive to biology’s ability to flow in 3D. Orgonite sustains a field, that tunes ether particles, to the optimum vibratory rate, for biology’s ability to, exist & functionthrough the field.

When an ether particle flows through a field or ray of 1,000 THz (the field of Orgonite), that ether particle begins to dance & jitter at that rate. That rate liquefies the field to the fluidity best suited, for biological structures to move through the field. On a microcosmic level, physical bodies are a conglomeration of color diffracting spheres that cohere together to hold a perspective structure; called a body. It’s kinda like pixels on a flat panel tv, but the pixels are 3D spherical pixels. Nothing is truly solid.

The conglomeration of spheres that we are, moves through & among a disbursement of spheres that we call space. Our ability to move in space (among & through these spheres), at a healthy rate is mandated by the fluidity of the field. The fluidity of the field is determined by the ether’s ability to liquefying the field that the spheres float through.

Ether frequency is determined by electromagnetic fields.

( EMF )

Healthy ether frequency is that of the rainbow; optimally being long wave ultra violet light. Aka: 1,000 THz at 400 nm. Black Sun Orgonite creates its field through the plastic (bondo fiberglass polyester resin) squeezing the quartz & minerals inside. This is known as piezoelectricity. The frequency of the Orgonite’s field is determined by the minerals inside. Iron filings are used as an energetic fan. Copper acts like a wall, a mirror, and an amplifier. Use copper (after your Orgonite is made), to direct the energy.

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How to stop planes from spraying;

while they’re spraying.

Send the purest blessing of life to the plane. It will stop spraying.

Dr. Emoto discovered that if you bless water, it carry’s that blessing.

There’s water in the mixture that’s being sprayed. Bless the water, talk to the water; & the planes will stop spraying in front of your eyes. You may have to wait until the contrail evaporates to see the results.

The first time I did this I was in a slightly altered state of mind. Here’s exactly what went through my mind. “I’m sure yall are only doing what yall think is best. I wish you the best life has to offer.” & the plane stopped spraying. I didn’t believe it when I saw it; so I decided to see if it was real by cursing it out. The plane started spraying again. I blessed it again & it stopped spraying. I cursed it again & it started spraying again. So I blessed it once again & let it go on its way.

I saw this with my own eyes & I still didn’t believe it. I had to neutralize about 30 chemtrails before I could really believe it was me doing it. Now I have it on video. The video doesn’t prove anything, but the timing in the video is unimaginable.

Even though I did it, I still had to learn how to do it. It’s a matter of opening your heart & genuinely wishing the best that life & love that life has to offer. It’s about sending the purest blessing. That which moves through your heart does it.

You can’t look at the plane and say “Watch this! I’m going to mess up yalls game plan.” You can’t to it just to show somebody what you can do. You can’t do it to save the world, or to be the one to save the world.

You either have to send the purest blessing of love, or step aside & let your angels work through you. Send genuine beautiful emotion, or be a clear channel.