Biology Two Course Completion Guideline

Biology Two Course Completion Guideline

If you are completing your classes in 18 weeks, you need to complete ½ a module a week.

If you are completing your classes in 12 weeks, you need to complete about 1 module a week.

If you are completing your classes in 9 weeks, you need to complete 1 module a week.

If you are completing your classes in 6 weeks, you need to complete 1 ½ modules a week.

If you are completing your classes in 3 weeks, you need to complete 3 modules a week.

Biology Two Course Completion Guideline



Ch. 21, 22 – What is a Plant?

World of Plants Video Questions

What is a Plant? Worksheet

Problem Solving Lab 21-1

Survey of Plant Kingdom

Problem Solving Lab 21-2

Diversity of Plants Worksheet

Dispersal of Seeds Worksheet

Problem Solving Lab 22-2

Seeds Plants Vocabulary Review

Ch. 23 – Plant Structure and Function

Structure of Plants Video Questions

Plant Structure & Function Worksheet

Structure of Roots, Stems, & Leaves Powerpoint

Problem Solving Lab 23-1


Problem Solving Lab 23-2

Problem Solving Lab 23-3

Ch. 24 – Reproduction in Plants

Reproduction in Plants Worksheet

Conifer Life Cycle

Problem Solving Lab 24-1

Parts of Flower Worksheet

Problem Solving lab 24-2

Life Cycle of Flowering Plants Diagram

Seed Germination Worksheet


Ch. 25 – What is an Animal?

Animal Oddities Video Worksheet

World of Animals Video Worksheet

Animal Traits Worksheet

Animal Concept Map


Variation in Animal Traits Answer Sheet

Ch. 26 – Sponges, Cnidarians, Flatworms, & Roundworm

Problem Solving Lab 26-2

Problem Solving Lab 26-3

Chapter 26 Assessments

Ch. 27 – Mollusks and Segmented Worms

Mollusks & Segmented Worms Worksheet

Problem Solving Lab 27-1

Problem Solving Lab 27-2

Chapter 27 Assessment

Worm Comparison Worksheet

Ch. 28 - Arthropods

Arthropod Worksheet

Grasshopper Parts & Functions Worksheet

Life Cycles of Insects


Bite of the Black Widow Spider Video Wkst.

Spider Diagram

Ch. 29 – Echinoderms & Invertebrate Chordates

Echinoderms & Invertebrate Chordates Wkst.

Problem Solving Lab 29-2

Multicultural Connection Worksheet

Ch. 26-29 – Invertebrate Summary

Invertebrate Survey Worksheet

Invertebrate Crossword Puzzle

Kingdom of Animals Video Quiz


Ch. 30 – Fishes and Amphibians

Problem Solving Lab 30-1

Goldfish Respiration lab

Fish Diagram Worksheet

Lemon Shark Video Worksheet


Amphibian Worksheet

Fishes & Amphibian Powerpoint

Ch. 31 – Reptiles and Birds

Reptiles & Birds Powerpoint

Reptiles & Birds Worksheet

Problem Solving Lab 31-1

Birds of Prey Video Worksheet

Ch. 32 - Mammals

Mammals Worksheet

Characteristics of Mammals Powerpoint

Problem Solving Lab 32-1

Mammals – Duckbill Platypus Worksheet


Ch. 34 – Protection, Support, and Locomotion

Protection, Support, & Locomotion Worksheet

Skin Cross Section Worksheet


Problem Solving Lab 34-1

Human Skin Color Worksheet

Human Skeleton Worksheet

Broken Bone Healing Video Worksheet

Problem Solving Lab 34-2

Skeletal & Muscle System Worksheet

Ch. 35 – Digestive & Endocrine Systems

Human Digestive System Diagram

Digestive System Chart

Problem Solving Lab 35-1

Problem Solving Lab 35-3

Eating for your Future Video Worksheet

Calculating Nutrients Available in Fast Foods


MiniLab 35-1

Endocrine System Video Worksheet

Diseases of the Endocrine System Worksheet

Ch. 36 – Nervous System

Neuron Worksheet

Major Divisions of the Nervous System Wkst.

Brain Worksheet

Reflex Arc Worksheet

Human Eye Worksheet

Human Ear Worksheet

Problem Solving Lab 36-1

Effects of Drugs Worksheet

Ch. 37 – Respiration, Circulation, & Excretion

Parkinson’s Disease Research Paper


Respiratory Worksheet

Mechanics of Respiration Worksheet

Problem Solving Lab 37-1

Measuring Lung Capacity Lab

Blood Video Worksheet

Blood & Blood Vessels Worksheet

Heart diagram Worksheet

Problem Solving Lab 37-2

Urinary System Worksheet

Ch. 38 – Reproduction & Development

Male Reproductive System Worksheet

Female Reproductive System Worksheet

Menstral Cycle Worksheet


Problem Solving Lab 38-1

Reproduction & Development Worksheet

Embryonic Membranes & Placenta

Problem Solving Lab 38-2

Birth, Growth, & Aging Worksheet

Ch. 39 – Immunity from Disease

Immunity from Disease Worksheet

Problem Solving Lab 39-1

Pig Dissection/Human Systems

Bubonic Plague Investigation

Body Defense

Body Response to a Viral Infection

AIDS Checking Epidemic Worksheet

Pig Dissection Powerpoint