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Summer Holiday Assignment - 2017

Class VII

Group-A-English (Attach separate Sheets)

1. Write an application to your principal asking her to grant a leave for 3 days.

2. Do you think petroleum products will exhaust in a short time? What should human do if they have to survive and progress?

3. Write short note of 10 lines on Mobile phone.

4. Festival of Eid is considered a special day. Write what you did on this day inabout 15 lines.

5. Viewing TV is considered harmful for children. Write 5 reasons.

6. Getting up early in morning is important. Why? Explain in 10 lines.

7. Memorizing hard words in English is very important. Memorize word

Meaning from all the chapters up to 3 thoroughly.

8. Write essay on the following topics (Attach Sheets)

a) Football b) Indian Railways c) Bullock cart

9. Imagine your bicycle’s tube got punctured somewhere 5 kilometers away

from your house. What will you do? [Hint] – Try to use “will” as shown ahead

I will first check if there is a shop to fix puncture. I will call my mother and

tell I will return late.

10. Write memorable day of your life in 200 words.


1. Why does the boat made up of steel floats on the water?

2. How was steam engine invented?

3.India is able to launch its satellites by its own. What science is involved in launching rockets and space shuttles?

4. Newton discovered gravitational force? How?

5. Mention 5 common diseases caused by deficiency of Vitamins.

6. What treatment will you do for your friend who got a cut in his hand during a game?

7. What diseases are caused by mosquitoes? How can we control mosquito breeding in our society?

8. Why do you hear thunder after some time of the lightening?

9. Explain the function of lever and its usage in daily life.













1.तुमनेमेलाअवश्यदेखाहोगा| लगभग 200 शब्दोंमेंमेलाकावर्णनकरो

2.मोबाइलफ़ोनकीबिनाइंसाननहींरहसकता| 200शब्दोंमेंअपनेविचारव्यक्तकरो

Group – E

1. Draw a map of India and locate the following states. Bihar, Delhi, Orissa, U.P, M.P, Haryana, Maharashtra, Kerela, Karnataka (Attach a separate sheet)

2. Draw a map of Bihar and show all the districts. (Attach a separate sheet)

3. Draw a map of India and show earthquake zones.

4. Draw a map if India and show wheat producing states.

5. Draw a map if India and show rice producing states.

6. Draw a map of India and show major rivers in India.

Group –F

1.Learn good habits as mentioned below and tell your teacher in class aftervacation. (अच्छीआदतेंसीखोऔरछुट्टीकेबादक्लासमेंबताओ)

a.Keep your house clean and promise that today you will not tear any paper and throw here and there. (अपनेघरकोसाफ़रखोऔरप्रॉमिसकरोकीआजतुमकोईपेपरफाड़करघरगन्दानहींकरोगे)

b.Greet your parents and elder today with greeting of your religion and ask How are you? (आजअपनेमातापिताऔरअपनेबड़ोंकाअभिनन्दनप्रणामयाअस्सलामअलैकुमकरकेकरोऔरउनसेपूछोआपकैसेहैं?)

c.Tell thank you to your mummy when she gives you something to eat. Say Thank You mummy (अपनीमम्मीकोथैंकयूबोलोजबवहतुम्हेकुछखानेकीलिएदेतीहै. बोलोथैंकयूमम्मी)

d.Ask your father – “I want 5 rupees, please” When he gives say thank you.

e.Ask your mother – “Mummy please give me a glass of milk” When she gives tell her thank you.

f.Narrate story of tortoise and rabbit in English to your brothers or sisters.

g.“bucks means money”. Practice to say “I have 10 bucks.


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