Bailiwick Bass Club

Bailiwick Bass Club

Bailiwick Bass Club

Club Constitution – February 2014

1. Name:

The name of the club shall be “The Bailiwick Bass Club”.

2. Objects:

The objects of the club are to promote friendly competition and companionship in the pursuit of Bass sport fishing with rod and line and to encourage participation in the sport at all ages and levels of ability.

To promote ethical angling practices in the handling of fish and conservation of all fish species and the marine ecology.

3. Club Membership:

3.1 The Committee reserves the right to refuse any application for membership.

3.2 Membership is subject to payment of the predetermined subscription and agreement to abide by the constitution and rules of the club.

3.3a Junior membership is open to those under the age of 15 years and subject to all

Junior members being accompanied by a responsible adult on club competitions.

3.3b Senior membership is open to anyone who has attained the age of 15 years on

or before the 1st March.

3.3c Family membership is open to a senior and one or more Juniors (spouses included).

4. Committee:

The Bailiwick Bass Club will be run by a committee as follows:

Officers: President, Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President

Ordinary Members: Up to 4 members.

All officers and members to be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting.

All Candidates must be proposed and seconded by current club members. Only those

present may vote.

In the event of positions falling vacant during a season the committee may co-opt Club members to carry out duties until the next Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting.

5. Annual General Meeting:

This shall be held annually during the month of February.

The following business must be conducted each year. Election of a Committee, election of an treasurer, election of Club representatives to outside bodies, presentation of accounts, fixing the annual subscriptions for the following season.

The Annual General Meeting will be chaired by the elected President, who also has a casting vote.

The meeting is open to all current and prospectively members, but only those who have paid a subscription for the previous season shall be able to vote.

Eight members shall form a quorum.

In the event there are less members present an Emergency General Meeting is automatically instigated (subject to the notices stipulated in 6 below) with the sole object of determining the long term future of the club. If at that EGM, the rsolution to dissolve the club is carried by at least 2/3 of those members at the meeting, the committee shall proceed to realise the assets of the club and discharge all assets and liabilities of the club. After discharging all debts and liabilities, the remaining assets shall not be paid or distributed amongst the members of the club, but shall be given or transferred to some other voluntary organisation having objects similar to those of the club.

6. Extraordinary General Meeting

Convened by the Secretary giving at least two weeks written notice to all members.

(a) Under instruction by the Committee.

(b) At the written request of at least six members of the Club.

Quorum and voting arrangements to be the same as for the Annual General Meeting.

7. Voting

All paid up members are entitled to one vote per paid up member. In the case of family membership, however, the senior member and any named junior family members who have attained the age of 8 years or above are entitled to one vote each. Spouses will be excluded unless they are fully paid up senior members in their own right.

8. Committee Meetings

To be held as required by the needs of the club, with a minimum four per annum. Five members shall form a quorum of whom at least two should be officers. All votes in Committee to be decided by a simple majority.

9. Complaints procedures

Complaints against members must be lodged with the Secretary in writing. In such an event any members concerned or involved in any infraction have the right to appear before and speak to the Committee.

The Committee have the right to call an Extraordinary General Meeting and recommend the termination of the membership of any member they consider:

(a) Acts in a manner likely to bring the Club into disrepute; or

(b) Acts in a direct contravention of Club rules.

Members have the right to appeal in person to the Committee with regard to any decision affecting themselves, provided that notice of such appeal be submitted to the Secretary in writing within seven days of the notification of the decision.

10. General

All members will receive a copy of the current Club constitution upon acceptance of membership.

11. Alterations to the Constitution

No revision or alteration can be made to these rules except at the Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting.

Proposed changes seconded by a club member, must be presented to the Secretary at least 21 days prior to the meeting so that adequate notice may be given to members.

A two-thirds majority is required for adoption of any changes.