Background: This National Award Is Presented to a Chapter in Good Standing Because the Chapter

Background: This National Award Is Presented to a Chapter in Good Standing Because the Chapter

4.0 Chapter Recognition Award

Background: This National Award is presented to a chapter in good standing because the Chapter:

● Performed a special event that promoted IMC USA and the consulting profession;

● Contributed to and played a major role in IMC USA Chapter Operations that served as an example to other chapters.

Process: This award requires the recommendation of three (3) chapter members in good standing and the IMC USA Recognition and Awards Committee approval.

Applications must be submitted to the IMC USA Executive Director for submission to the Recognitions and Awards Committee. Upon approval, the Chapter President will be notified at least four weeks prior to the event at which the award is to be presented. For the award to be announced or awarded at a national conference or leadership summit, the application must be submitted at least two (2) months prior to the event. The Chapter President will present the Chapter Certificate(s) of Appreciation to recipient(s) at the next Chapter meeting.

Awards are presented by Chapter Presidents, the IMC USA Chair, or the IMC USA Committee Chair at a Chapter, Regional, or National meeting as appropriate. Ideally awards would be presented in the decorum appropriate to the award at a local or national event, conference or annual meeting.

Upon approval, a copy of this application is retained by the Executive Director along with a copy of the IMC USA Recognition and Awards Committee approval.

To initiate the process, please provide the following:

Chapter Name: ______

Requested by: ______

I. Provide a description of events, activities or achievements the chapter has conducted or completed.

II. Provide a description of the value or benefit to the community, members, IMCUSA and /or other chapters that support this award:

III. Provide names and contributions for individual chapter members who were primarily responsible for the success of initiatives, activities or events that should be recognized with a Chapter Certificate of Appreciation.

Certificate Wording: Certificate of Chapter Recognition

Fill in suitable language (sample below) for inscription on Certificate of Achievement

Chapter Recognition Award YEAR

Thank you for your contribution of time and services

to the XXXX chapter and EVENT NAME

Do you wish to also provide a Certificate of Appreciation to other participants of the event (if applicable?) Yes/No

If yes, please provide names of other participants:

Certificate of Appreciation Wording: (additional participants, if applicable)

Fill in suitable language (sample below) for inscription on Certificate of Appreciation.

Chapter Recognition Award YEAR

Thank you for contribution and participation in the CHAPTER EVENT

Submit to:

Greg Brooks

IMC USA Executive Director

631 U.S. Highway One, Suite 400

North Palm Beach, FL 33408

Ph: (561) 472-0833

Fx: (800) 837-7321

Recommendations from Sponsors

If they desire, sponsors may include statements to add to the information provided in the preceding questions. This may be especially helpful if they have knowledge of and experience with the chapter and/or any individual nominee’s achievements and contributions.

Initial sponsor must be a current or recent Board Member of the chapter requesting recognition award.


Sponsorship of this application requires signatures of three (3) IMC USA chapter members in good standing. All must attest to the accuracy and truth of the information provided. Sponsors may be contacted by a representative from the Awards Committee to answer questions regarding this application.

All sponsors must validate the application electronically. The following statement will be included in the email from the sponsors:

To the best of my knowledge, the information on this application is accurate and there is nothing about this person(s) or chapter that should disqualify them from being recognized with this Award.

This email serves as my electronic signature to verify my support for this award to the ______Chapter on XX day or XX month of year.”

Lead sponsor must receive validation of electronic verification for all sponsors and include all email verifications with the submitted application.

Requested by Lead Sponsor #1: ______Date: ______

Title/Position within Chapter: ______Phone:______

Sponsor Affiliations

Sponsor #2: ______Phone :______

Position/Title within Chapter (if applicable) ______

Sponsor #3: ______Phone :______

Position/Title within Chapter (if applicable) ______

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