B382 Community Psychology Practicum Spring 2001

B382 Community Psychology Practicum Spring 2001

B482: Capstone Practicum in Clinical Psychology

General Information and Application Form for the Fall 2015 semester

John C. Guare,


Brief description

The department of psychology at IUPUI offers a clinically-oriented undergraduate practicum course. We currently offer B482 in the fall semester. The purpose of the course is to expose students to a clinical/community setting where psychologists, social workers, counselors or related professionals work with individuals who have mental health, physical and/or medical concerns. Students get hands-on experience and are better able to see how their coursework applies in the workplace. In a nutshell, each student is placed at a practicum site in the community for eight hours/week throughout the semester. Sites are matched to student interest whenever possible. Students also meet once a week on campus for class to discuss practical, ethical, and other issues central to their placements and to clinical work in general. Class for fall 2015is planned for Tuesday mornings 9 – 11:45am. You do not simply enroll in this course. You must complete and submit an application (pp. 3-4 of this document is the application) in order to be considered for this course. The process of applying for B482 is on the next page.

Examples of practicum placements (current and past) are: St. Vincent Stress Center, Asera Care Hospice, Serenity Counseling Services (outpatient substance abuse),Methodist Chaplaincy – see all kinds of medical emergencies, Riverside Residential Center (prison for male offenders), Verbal Behavior Center for Autism (kids), Damar (all ages, autism, low IQ, developmental disabilities, comorbid mental health issues, etc.),Families First (formerly known as Family Services of Central Indiana), Indianapolis Public Schools,St. Mary’s Child Center, and others. Please note that current/past sites may or may not participate in the future. Site availability can change a lot. New sites will be added if possible, and I am open to appropriate student input in attempting to create new sites.

Students must keep a journal (running log) throughout the semester. The journal includes a brief description of what you did/experienced each time you were on site, and your reaction to what you experienced. Based on your journal, a 12-15 page paper is due at the end of the semester. Each student will also give a powerpoint presentation describing their site and experiences to the class. As things stand now (subject to change), final course grade is based on (1) grade assigned by student’s site supervisor, (2) end of term paper, (3) another paper based on PULs, (4) end of term presentation, (5) end of term poster , and (6) classroom behavior.

Note. B482 meets the capstone requirement for B.A. and B.S. psychology majors.

I will let our undergraduate administrative assistant know if you have been accepted into the practicum course. She will put you in the system, and then we willlet you know so you can register.

The Process of Applying for B482

Enrolling for B482 is an entirely different process. You do not simply “sign up.” You must apply and be accepted into the course. The process is as follows:

1. You must meet the course requirements (see below.)

  1. You must fill out an application form (next 2 pages) and get two letters of recommendation.
  2. The instructor, Dr. John Guare: (a) reviews the applications, (b) decides who is accepted based on the completed application, letters of recommendation, and his knowledge of the student, and (c) lets the student know if she or he has been accepted into the course. You must have instructor authorization to be able to register.
  3. The psychology department undergraduate administrative assistant will also be informed of who can register for the course, thereby allowing the designated students to register.
  4. If you are accepted, you must register for both the course section and the lab.
Requirements to be Considered for the Course
  1. Psychology major and junior or senior status – rare exceptions for any of these criteria may be considered if room exists
  2. GPA of 3.25 or higher (exceptions may be considered)
  3. Prerequisite: B386 Introduction to Counseling
  4. Good interpersonal, verbal and social skills; responsible;high level of maturity; very reliable and professional; solid problem–solving skills; bright;“good head on his/her shoulders;” emotionally balanced; able to keep a positive attitude under less than ideal circumstances;comfortable in a social setting and being appropriately interactive;etc.
  5. Completed application and two letters of recommendation. The letters should address the characteristics mentioned above in #4. Letters do not have to be long: 1-2 paragraphs can suffice, and sending letters via email is preferred.

The application (pp. 3-4 below) is due no later than Friday 4/3/15. Students may be signing up for next-semester courses near the time the application is due. To be on the safe side, you may want to register for courses as if you would not be taking B482. Then if you are accepted, you can drop a course and add B482.

Organizational meeting
  • I will let you know via email by 4/24/15 at the latest if you have been acceptedinto the B482course. For those who will be in B482 for Fall 2015, we will have an organizational meeting on Tuesday 4/28/15 from 10:15am – 11:45 am in IT 273.

Due via e-mail no later than Friday 4/3/15

You must type this application and email it to


Application for B482 Capstone Practicum in Clinical Psychology

Date: ______Semester/Yr for which you are applying:______

Name:______student ID#______

Full Address:______

Telephone #(s):______

E-mail address(es):______

Number of credit hours completed prior to the end of this semester:______

Number of credit hours registered for this semester:______

Overall GPA:______Psychology GPA:______

List your grade for the courses you have completed below. Put an “X” for courses you are currently enrolled in.

B305 Statistics_____ B340 Cognition_____

B307 Tests and Measurements_____ B356 Motivation_____

B310 Lifespan Development_____ B365 Stress and Health_____

B311 Introductory Laboratory in Psychology_____ B370 Social Psychology _____

B320 Physiological Psychology_____ B380 Abnormal Psychology_____

B322 Intro to Clinical Psychollgy_____ B386 Introduction to Counseling_____

B424 Theories of Personality_____

Why are you interested in the Undergraduate Practicum?

List previous activities (e.g., community, volunteering, university, employment, other) that may be relevant to practicum experience. Such experience may be helpful but is not required for course acceptance.

You need two letters of recommendation. Please provide the names of/information for two references below. At least one letter should be (but both can be)from a faculty member in the IUPUI Psychology department. Other letter writers are typically bosses/supervisors or other college instructors (graduate student instructors are fine). Ask your letter writers to write you a letter no later than March 25, 2015. This gives them fair notice and enough lead time.

NamePlace of workPhone #(s)Email address



E-mail is the preferred way for me to get the letters. Those who write letters can e-mail the letter of recommendation to me at . If not e-mailing the letter,the person(s) writing your letter(s) should mail the letter to:

Dr. John Guare


402 N. Blackford St.

Indianapolis, IN 46202

Applications are due by 4/3/15. Applicants will be notified of their status via e-mail no later than 4/24/15. Direct questions to Dr. John Guare, 317-274-6739, .