B2B Websites for Doing Business with China

B2B Websites for Doing Business with China

B2B Websites for Doing Business with China

  1. Main official B2B websites:

Canton Fair is the largest trade fair in China, under the direct control of Ministry of Commerce, all the participating companies are duly registered and legalized. Canton Fair provides a good business platform for all kinds of business, and has set up a special division to deal with trade disputes with participating companies. Canton Fair E-Commerce, transforming from an exhibition into an international trade service synthesis, developing from a biannual on-site transaction Canton Fair into an electronic commerce platform, provides annually comprehensive service for both suppliers and buyers.

http://ccne.mofcom.gov.cn/ China Commodity Net is the public commercial information platform provided by Ministry of Commerce, it provides reliable commercial information about Chinese companies and commodities, as well as fair information in China.

Trade2CN is hosted by the Ministry of Commerce of P.R. China (MOFCOM) and China International Electronic Commerce Center (CIECC). It depending on more than 105 representative offices and branches located in provinces and cities across the country established by CIECC, collects resources from overseas MOFCOM in 207 countries and regions of the world, covers information of enterprises and project in 90 industries, has over 700,000 enterprise credit databases, and adopts electronic means to effectively meet international trade and investment and financing needs of the global business.

Established in May 1952, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) comprises VIPS, enterprises and organizations representing the economic and trade sectors in China. It is the most important and the largest institution for the promotion of foreign trade in China. Its English website provides all necessary information for doing business with Chinese companies. CCPIT has 48 branches in different cities, it has also established 17 chamber of commerce for different industrial lines, which are very active in providing B2B service, and help to find the best suppliers and products in different lines in China, the following are some of the main specialized chamber of commerce of CCPIT.

China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronics Products (CCCME)

China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Medicines and Health Products

China Chamber of Commerce of Metals Minerals & Chemicals Importers & Exporters(CCCMC)

China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Textile and Apparel (CCCT)

China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Light Industrial Products and Arts-Crafts (CCCLA)

China Chamber of Commerce of Foodstuffs and Native Produce

CCPIT Automotive Industry Committee

2, Main commercial B2B websites:

Global leader in e-commerce for small businesses

Fast Trading market place for small businesses

A e-commerce B2B website which has been running for more than 10 years.

3, Hongkong Trade Development Council

Trusted online marketplace, connecting verified suppliers with worldwide buyers for more than 45 years.