APM 2.8 - Mission Planner Wizard Options

APM 2.8 - Mission Planner Wizard Options

APM 2.8 - Mission Planner Wizard Options


1.What the APM showed after connecting, GPS is a bit lost being inside at the time. Not even in New Zealand while it's trying to figure out where it is, no big deal.


2.Selected Hexacopter as the layout.


  1. X layout selected.


4.Told it that the APM is V2.5 (Most recent) with a Power Module, and that the battery is 4200 mAh.


  1. Turned off auto accept and just kept spinning the frame over until it reached around 2000 samples.


  1. Mag Offsets it finished with.
  1. No Sonar.
  1. Recalibrated radio channels. Wasn't needed because they were the same as before. Pitch is reversed but that's an easy fix reversing the channel through the FS-i6 transmitter. 5 Channels connected, 1-4 for flight, 5 is mapped to the 2 position switch on the FS-i6 for flight modes. Channel 6 runs from the FS-iA6B directly to the Storm 32 Gimbal RC Inputs, Pitch control.

9. Flight modes set to the 3 position switch, Position 1 is set to Stabilize, 2 is set to Loiter, 3 is set to RTL.

10. Sitting the frame by my window lets it get a GPS lock inside, everything is all good.

11. No reason why I set this, if the controller is turned off, all channels just stay where they were. eg. If throttle was max and the transmitter dies, the throttle stays maxed.

  1. No GeoFencing.