AP Hum. GEO Chapter 1Study Guide: Cultural Geography

AP Hum. GEO Chapter 1Study Guide: Cultural Geography

AP Hum. GEO Chapter 1Study Guide: Cultural Geography

Mr. Vaglio

  1. Study Guide Questions
  2. Explain the Definition of and historic development of GEOGRPAPHY.


  1. What is Cultural Geography?
  2. Explain the idea of “learned collective behavior”
  3. What are spatial variations and spatial patterns in relation to cultural geography?
  4. How does physical environment affect cultural geography?


  1. Give a Definition of Region and Culture Region and list the 3 types of culture regions?
  2. Why are maps a crucial tool in understanding a Culture Region?
  3. What is a formal culture region?
  4. Give examples
  5. Explain the terms totality, cultural borders, and border zones in relation to formal culture region
  6. What is core-periphery pattern ---
  7. What is a Functional Culture Region? Give examples!
  8. Explain the significance of a node in a Functional Culture Region.
  9. What is a Vernacular Culture Region ? Give examples-


  1. What is Cultural Diffusion?
  2. Explain the ideas of spatial spread and learned ideas and how they relate to cultural diffusion.
  3. Explain the idea of “independent invention”
  4. Explain the difference between Expansion and Relocation Diffusion?
  5. What are the 3 types of Expansion diffusion – explain each
  6. What is time distance decay?
  7. Explain the difference between Absorbing and permeable barriers and how they affect diffusion.
  8. What is the neighborhood effect of diffusion?


  1. What is Cultural Ecology?
  2. What is an ecosystem-
  3. What is cause-and-effect interplay?
  4. What is environmental determinism?
  5. What is the Gaia Hypothesis?
  6. How do cultural adaptation and adaptive strategy relate to possibilism?
  7. What is Environmental Perception?
  8. What is Geomancy?
  9. How do natural disaster relate to the idea of environmental perception?
  10. What is the difference between the organic view and mechanistic view of nature?
  11. How are “Humans Modifiers of the Earth?”
  12. Explain the idea of Ecofeminism?
  13. Who is Rachel Carson and how does this book support the afore mentioned idea?


  1. What does it mean to define a culture a systematically and spatially intertwined?
  2. What is Cultural Determinsim?
  3. What are the 2 methods used is studying Cultural interaction?
  4. What is economic determinism mean?
  5. What is Humanistic Geography?
  6. Topophilia


  1. What is Cultural Landscape?
  2. What is a humanized landscape? Example
  3. Who is August Meitzen and what is his diagnostic interpretation?
  4. What are some competing interpretations on landscape.
  5. What are the 3 principal aspects of cultural landscape? Explain Each!