Annie, Jr.: Hair Requirements and Reminders

Annie, Jr.: Hair Requirements and Reminders

Annie, Jr.: Hair Requirements and Reminders

March 17-19, 2016

March 14, 2016

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Show week for Annie, Jr. is upon us! This will be a very exciting, but demanding week for everyone. To help make things run as smoothly as possible, please remember to send your child to school each night with everything they need. Students should arrive in costume with their hair done (requirements outlined below) and face cream applied.

Between their costume layers, the bright lights, dance numbers, and their excitement, the students will feel some heat on the stage. Please be sure that they are well rested, fed, and hydrated before each performance. Avoid strong smells, such as perfume and sprays, and consider application of deodorant/antiperspirant.


  • Only APPROVED costumes may be worn. Students are not permitted to change their costume elements without a director’s approval.
  • Please remove all jewelry unless it is part of your approved costume (ie. earrings).
  • Only solid white undershirts and camisoles should be worn under white button down shirts (colors and logos can easily be seen through the material under the bright lights).
  • All boys and female servants/audience chorus need to have their shirts tucked in.
  • Costumes will be worn home each night to be cleaned and prepared for the next performance.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Annie, Jr. Production Team

Hair Requirements

Stage Crew- Boys: NormalGirls: Pulled back

ALL MALE ACTORS: If long enough, combed back, and slicked with gel product

Servants/ Audience Corus Girls- Pulled back in a low, neat bun

Reva & Maansi ONLY- Pulled back in a low, neat pony tail

Mrs. Greer & Mrs. Pugh- Pulled back in a high, neat bun

Annette & Cecile- Pulled back in a neat bun at the top back of the head

Grace- Pulled back in an elegant, professional way; no ponytail or braids

Usherette- Pulled back in a low, neat bun

Star-to-Be- Loose, combed out and flashy

Apple Seller-Pulled back in a low pony tail

Miss Hannigan- Pulled back in a low, neat bun

Lily- Down and curled; pulled off face

All Orphans/Chorus- High pigtails or low side braids; messy; no flashy or bright ties/clips/etc.

Sandy- Tied back

Annie- High pigtails, messy