Annex 3: Prioritised Curriculum Vitae and List of Publications

Annex 3: Prioritised Curriculum Vitae and List of Publications

Annex 3: Prioritised curriculum vitae and list of publications

Curriculum vitae

Please add or delete sections/lines in the template when relevant

Applicant Personal Information
First name / Enter first name(s) /
Last name / Enter last name(s) /
Title / Enter your professional title /
Address / Enter address /
Postal code / Enter postal code /
City / Enter city /
Country / Enter Country /
E-mail / Enter E-mail address /
Phone / Enter phone number /
Date of birth (date, month, year) / Enter date of birth /
Type of fellowship / Junior or Senior (drop-down menu) /
University level / Degree / Enter level of degree /
University name / Enter University name /
Name of supervisor(s) / Enter name of supervisor(s) /
Date (degree was obtained) / Enter date degree was obtained /
Grade / Enter grade /
Country / Enter country /
College level / College name / Enter name of college /
Grade / Enter grade /
Date (of graduation) / Enter date of graduation /
Country / Enter country /
Current position
Title / Enter current job title /
Employers name/Institution / Enter name of employer or Institution /
Date of employment / Enter start date of employment - present
Responsibilities, tasks and skills / Enter responsibilities, tasks you have solved or skills you have gained in your current position /
Country / Enter country /
Former employment
Date / Job / Country
Start date – End date / Enter job title / Enter country /
Enter name of employer /
Enter job description /
Teaching experience
Organization/school / Subject / Description
Enter organization/school / Enter subject/course title / Enter description /
Mentoring/leadership experience
Organization/school / Description
Enter organization/school / Enter description /
Patent / Description
Enter Patent / Enter description /
Leave of absence (e.g. sickness, family- or parental leave or military service)
Date / Type of leave of absence
Enter start date / Enter end date / Enter type of leave of absence /
Fellowships, awards and research grants
Date / Fellowship/award/research grant
Enter date / Enter prize name and awarding organisation /
Date / Activity
Enter date / Enter conference and title of poster/presentation or other activity. Indicate whether or not the contribution was peer-reviewed. /
Professional memberships
Organization / Status (member, fellow etc.)
Enter name of organization / Enter status /
Current and previous community/organizational roles
Organization / Status (e.g. reviewer, committee or advisory group member)
Enter name of organization / Enter status /
Enter additional CV information if relevant /

List of Publications

Provide a full list of your publications. Use a citation style common within your scientific field.

Date/year / Publication details
At minimum – enter authors (preferably as “X. Lastname” to counteract gender bias), title of publication, volume, start and end page /

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