Agenda:Executive Management Team Meeting

Agenda:Executive Management Team Meeting

Agenda:Executive Management Team Meeting

Date: 9/16/08


Location: 3615 SW 13th Street Conference Room

Date of Next Meeting:10/21/08

Attendance:Jim Pearce, Sam Clark, Randy Burrack, Estela Rosa Garcia, Peggy Vickers, Tracey Ousley, Jill Downey, Zeke Whitter, Lanard Perry, Gwen Love, Leslie Frost, Karen Baugh, Cindy Starling and Pam Purnell

Absent: Cassandra Evans-McCray and Rhonda Lockwood

Guest Speakers

  1. EMT Training – Bill Krizner, HR Attorney – training offered on Corrective Action & Termination. Document in your training record.
  2. Southeastern Network of Youth and Family Services – Sherry Allen, M.Ed. Executive Director – training offered on the SEN services and resources. As a member agency CDS was given 20 pass words to access web-based training. Follow-up: Medication Supervision Training for YCW. Send CINS/FINS and CARF Training Requirements. Document in your training record.

1. Business Operations:

  1. Monthly Budget (Revenue and Expenses)- CFO/ DSM

1) Estela e-mailed prior to EMT the Coordinators Monthly Budget Report for review.

Discussion: Jim stated that the Estela had done an excellent job providing a report on one page. He requested an additional column be added for YCW overtime. Outcome, Actions, Time Frame: Estela will make requested revisions to the report for next month.


a) Jim stated that the Coordinators had done an outstanding job, showed fiscal improvement and reviewed areas needing discussion. IYP-C and IYP-E staff discussed line items that were over budget. Discussion followed: Coordinators discussed getting more involved and checking with the Fiscal Clerk and their own staff regarding reasons for certain expenditures. Initially, fiscal staff felt that this was creating extra work for them. After discussions with Estela and Randy who explained the report and the expectations on the Coordinator they began to see the value of this exercise and are working on correcting posting errors found.

b) Staff raised a concern about the budget for YCW and requested that during a CINS/FINS Program meeting allocation methodology be explained. Briefly, Sam explained that the budgets are based on the same formula used by Florida Network in our contract and additional information can be provided at another time. Residential Coordinators expressed concerns regarding potential risks in order to meet their budget expectations.

Outcome, Actions, Time Frame: Sam will review the formulas to make sure we are applying then correctly.

a) Follow up from last month: IYP-C and IYP-E staff present discussed and provided written reports to Jim/Sam explaining the reasons for over expenditures.

b) Agenda the CINS/FINS budget explanation for the next meeting.

c) Managers requested to have more information about the Descriptions on the Budget Report. Estela agreed to provide this for them next month.

  1. Marketing and Business Development –

1) Spotlight on Youth – Jim

Discussion: Jim thanked staff for participating in the Spotlight on Youth meeting and activities.

Outcome, Actions, Time Frame: He stated that Erica is still working PRN until 11/08. Jim and Gwen updated staff on the last meeting. Mark your calendar this year the Spotlight on Youth Program will be held March 7, 2009 at 7:30 pm at the Performing Arts Center with just one reception a Gala to support the 10th Anniversary of the program. Last week Gwen sent 90 sponsorship packets out for Erica. Volunteers signed up for committees. Discussion was held on the length of the musical pieces and a compromise was reached that the kids can audition for 5 to 7 minuets. Wayland was asked to begin contacting Law Enforcement for cash contributions.

2) Annual Meeting –

Discussion: Jim discussed the expenses of the annual meeting and asked for staff input regarding the continuation of this event. Stating it is a wonderful recognition and thank you to stakeholders and other important community partners and the recognition of outstanding staff as well as reaching out to the community and shares our accomplishments. The Annual Board Meeting and an Annual Report are required. Annually the agency spends between $2,500 and 3,000 for room rental, food and plaques. Staff input was requested. Usually the annual meeting is a time when the Spotlight on Youth Program is show cased and tickets are available for sale.

Outcome, Actions, Time Frame: Final decision will be made with board approval.

  1. Regulatory Issues – CEO/COO.

Discussion: Sam reviewed new Staff Meeting Agenda Format for Coordinators to use to document their meeting notes. He handed out an agenda and an example of IYP-C using the format. He created a Discussion: No discussion default for topics that may not be covered during a meeting. The IYP-C meeting notes encompassed most of the topics and it was just a matter of reformatting the content. Having specific topics is new for us and we are still experimenting where to discuss some items. As we work on this form expect some refinement.

Outcome, Actions, Time Frame: Staff wanted to know if the format had to be followed or can we use a more familiar agenda along the lines of past meetings? While flexibility in the order of agenda items is within the control of the coordinator of the meeting, staff may find it more user friendly to follow the format as presented. Sam will make corrections to the form and e-mail out the form, the sample of meeting notes and the form will be added to the intranet. Begin using it when you receive the corrected form from Sam.

Discussion: Blackout dates for CARF survey for March and April. Discussion followed. Block week of Spotlight on Youth through March 9th. Outcome, Actions, Time Frame: Due to Peggy by 10/1/08.

  1. Human Resource Issues (Staffing and Training) – HR Specialist

1) Pending List- LaVonya passed out the pending list managers were asked to submit items requested in a timely manner

2) Quarterly Meeting- Discussion: Sam discussed the need to schedule a Quarterly Meeting in October. Jim stated there were two very important reasons: 1. United Way Campaign and 2. LaVonya’s upcoming Family Medical Leave. Outcome, Actions, Time Frame: Quarterly Meeting scheduled for Thursday 10/9/08 from 2:30 – 4: 30 pm encourages your staff to participate.

3) DVD Training- Discussion: Most staff returned the DVD taken during last month meeting and the response has been very positive regarding the quality of the training. We have identified at least 3 DVD that need to be returned. We plan on ordering the Cultural Competent Counseling Series if enough money is available to purchase the set of six. Outcome, Actions, Time Frame: Lanard is asked to return DVDs to Peggy as soon as possible if he thinks we should return them. Leslie offered to preview the new series if we buy it.

  1. Annual Budget Planning and Process – CFO/DSM

1) Circuit 7 Independent Living Contract – Discussion: Jim and Sam advised staff that the CBC in Circuit 3 & 8 and 7 were forced to take budget cuts. In doing so Circuit 7 canceled CDS $65,000 contract for Putnam County and plan to contract with CHS who has other contracts with them. Sam is working with Partnership for Strong Families to request additional IL funds to serve three new counties Madison, Taylor and Baker. No word yet.

2) The Drug Court contract is being extended to October 31, 2008. Discussion: On 10/14/08 Nancy Maas and Becca Lau, from Outpatient Services are both taking positions with the County to continue working with Drug Court and Day Reporting participants.

Outcome, Actions, Time Frame: The IL contract ends on 10/5/08, resulting in a transfer of an Independent Living Counselor being transferred to Outpatient Services. Tracey shared that an IL counselor position is being cut but the case loads remain the same. Tracey discussed several ideas being entertained to address travel and large caseloads over a large geographical area with only three IL counselors. 1. Decrease services to adults. 2. Rethink covering Marion County. A large number of IL kids live in Marion County. There are a high number of special needs kids in that area. Maintaining contact makes it easier to address their transitional plan into adulthood. The county is physically closer to Gainesville than some of our outlining counties. The loss of the IL counselor position may force us to transfer this service on to the Marion County IL provider.

2. Health and Safety: Program/Regional Coordinators- See Risk Management Report in Committee Meeting Notes.

  1. External Inspections – Discussion: Tracey provided IYP-NW Health Inspection no deficiencies noted.
  2. Safety Drills (Reports, analysis, and recommendations) Discussion– no discussion.
  3. Self-Inspections (Reports, analysis, and recommendations) Discussion - no discussion.
  4. Incident Reports (Reports, analysis of trends, recommendations) Discussion – no discussion.

3. Quality Improvement

  1. File Audits and Case Record Review (reports and recommendations) – Program/Regional Coordinators

1) CARF Record Checklist- Staff was asked to review four open and two closed and provide feedback to this meeting.

2) Peer Review - Staff were asked to complete peer reviews four open and two closed and provide feedback to this meeting.

Discussion: Everyone actively participated in recommendations for changes to forms to comply with CARF requirements.

Outcome, Actions, Time Frame: 1. Form: Participant Record Exercise; Take N/A off 2.H.4.g. Health Care reimbursement information. Sam agreed to correct. 2. DFC and FA missing primary care physician name, address, phone number. Recommended: Add this information along with immunization information to medical questionnaire. Karen offered to assist Peggy with an example. 3. FA and Residential missing Emergency Contact information, including name, address and telephone number. Tracey and Peggy will look at current Netmis forms on the intranet if in word we will correct, if in PDF Estela will send us word version. Working session scheduled for Thursday 09/18/08. 4. IL needs a basic demographic face sheet. Changing to four part folders and need new sections cover sheets. Peggy and Tracey are working on this Thursday 09/08/08. 5. FA Discharge/Transition Plan missing admission date. Peggy will fix. 6. ES kids in residential missing registration information, assessment, and some other vital information- Need to agenda this for a CINS/FINS meeting. 7. Followed up in SAMH meeting on Clinical Supervision and Peer Review Forms. Managers will need further clarification and specific directions. 8. Cindy suggested completing the right hand side of the form for staff and the CARF surveyors regarding where to find the information. Follow up on this suggestion and agenda this item for program meeting. 9. Provide descriptions for items on the checklist. Peggy will get with Leslie regarding her suggestion.

  1. Outcome Management (status, reports, recommendations) – DSM - Discussion – no discussion.
  2. Accreditation and Regulatory Requirements – CEO/COO/QA Coordinator- Discussion – no discussion.
  3. Policy and Procedure Updates and/or Review – COO or designee- Discussion – no discussion.
  4. Participant Compliant and Grievance (specific and quarterly review of trends) QA Coordinator- Discussion – no discussion.
  5. Planning Documents (reports, status of goals and objectives, reformulation)

1) Emergency Plan-

a) Updated Emergency/Disaster Call Down List- Follow up from last months meeting. Using staff feedback this list was updated and handed out. No corrections. Outcome, Actions, Time Frame: Add the updated list to the intranet. Sam suggested moving this agenda item under Risk Management.

2) Strategic Plan - COO

a) Draft review of progress of the FY 2007-2008 Strategic Plan for input. Discussion: A progress report on last years Strategic Plan has been drafted and being reviewed by Jim. Outcome, Actions, Time Frame: When completed Sam will send out to managers and requests your feedback. Please identify additions or corrections. This document plus your Retreat Reports due on 9/30/08 along with the retreat questions will be the basis of the EMT retreat and discussion and development of next years Strategic Plan. EMT retreat planned for October EMT meeting. More details to follow.

Accessibility Plan – QA- Discussion: Follow up agenda item from last month. The Accessibility Plan was passed around for review. The Accessibility Plan is a five year plan and the document presented shows the activities completed over the last three years. Much of the work completed in this document is due to Sam, Herman and Roy. Outcome, Actions, Time Frame: Managers were asked to review their section of the plan. The plan will be added to the Intranet when possible. Managers are requested to address accessibility questions during their retreats which will be added to this plan when updated.

3) Cultural Competence Plan – COO or designee- Discussion: - no discussion.

4) Input Plan – QA - Discussion: - no discussion.

5) Community Relations plan - Discussion: - no discussion.

4. Risk Management – COO or designee – See CDS Utilization and Risk Management Report provided by Estela. Discussion- no discussion

  1. Risk Management Plan (exposure to loss)
  2. Employee Concerns or Complaints
  3. Potential regulatory audits and/or investigation of operations

5. Information Technology – DSM - Discussion- no discussion

a. Technology Plan

6. Clinical/Program- Discussion- no discussion

  1. Medical and Medication Issues
  2. Counseling and Programming Issues

7. Other Business- Discussion- no discussion

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Margaret B. Vickers9/15/08



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