Again, All Our Roads Are on the No Plow List


Again, All Our Roads Are on the No Plow List


The picnic was well attended and everyone commented on the great food, ambiance, the bounce house, door prizes, and want a repeat next summer. Mark the date: July 18, 2015 Thank you Scott Romero for chairing this committee.

Please welcome our new neighbors: Sky & Sabrina Huang, 3 Cutlass Lane

Again, all our roads are on the No Plow List:

Due to all the hard work by your Board members, Jim Boutilier, Dave Copotosto, Peter Falco and Dave Richards, brush has been cleared from the sides of the roads back 2 feet and any overhanging branches below 12 feet have been removed. We have been inspected twice and a couple of small remaining brush areas have been corrected. There is an overhanging branch on Bounty (near Captains Row) deemed unsafe that the Board will have to hire a tree service to remove. Once that is completed, we expect all our roads to be removed from this onerous list.


  • All kayaks, dinghys, etc. must be removed from our beaches by November 15.
  • This is an election year – start thinking about volunteering for the board. We need your help!! Two positions to be replaced: President (not running) and one Director (moved). Any/all positions may be challenged. If interested, contact Nomination Chair Kenneth Chung at

The August voting meeting approved the following:

  • 2014/2015 budget in amount of $15,975.00 (contact Treasurer for copy)
  • Revised by-laws (contact Financial Secretary for copy)

Your Association dollars at work during this past year:

  • Berms installed and backfilled where needed to prevent erosion at edge of roads
  • Stone installed where needed to prevent erosion at edge of roads
  • Sinkholes repaired
  • Road stripping completed
  • No-Parking signs installed near entrance
  • Beaches cleaned and maintained
  • Front entrance - new landscaping begun – thank you Igor Duzhich
  • “Slow” signs placed in various locations
  • Web page in start-up phase
  • Audits for years 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 completed – thank you Beth Alvernaz
  • Fence replacement at Orsini to be completed this fiscal year

What two complaints are received consistently year after year?? Excessive Speeding and Loud and Messy Dogs! Almost every newsletter has addressed these two problems. It’s up to each of us to fix them.

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If you have not yet paid your 2014 dues, please send your check as soon as possible. We have completed $7,000 worth of road repairs and would appreciate folks sharing in this rather large expense. Thank You

Thank you to the following 2014 dues payers, who represent a 70% participation rate – an increase of 3% over 2013 participation.

William & Lorraine Ahern, Jr.

Tony & Beth Alvernaz

Aja Atwood /Cathie Harrington

Elaine Baker

Robyn Barthlomew

Joseph A. Berrio,

John & Kathleen Bibo

Shirley & Jim Boutilier

Diane Campbell

David S. Capotosto

David & Cheryl Chase

George Chrisis

Kenneth & Dora Chung

Paul J. & Wanda M. Cloran

Charles Coffey

Ron & Donna Cohen

Pamela Coleman

Daniel J. Collins

James & Elaine Coronella

Lenny & Sandra Coronella

Robert & Janice D'Auria

Barbara J. Davis

Gertrude M. Deery

Nicholas M. & Alfred DiGuisto

Grace DiMauro

Patricia A. Dyer

Peter Falco

Robert Fleming

Michael P. & Alice M. Forbes

Andrew.& Stephanie Gagnon

Mark & Robin Galante

Audrey Ghidaleson & Cheryl


T. Dennis & Rachel Hammonds

Scott & Jill Harlow

Richard & Shirley Henshall

Michael & Carol Houle

Paul J. & Linda K. Howell

Kathleen A. Impey

Joseph Jacobs

Walter & Chris Jacobson

Mary Janedy

David & Judith Johnson

Victor Kac

Frederick & Donna Kask

Matt & Jen Keilty

John & Kristen Keilty

Carol & John Kelley

Ann T. Keon

Stephen D. Kota

Stephen & Mary E. Lempitski

Irving & Ellinor M. Lewis

John J. Madden

Albert C. Magurn

Paul Mancuso

Michael & Maria Martone

Louise McDevitt & Michael E.


John McDonough

Effie Mellos & Lambrini


Ronald J. & Cathy Meyerowitz

James C. Morgan

Eileen T. Naegelin

Richard Naegelin &


Peter & Doreen Olivieri

Daniel J. & Margaret O'Neill

Thomas & Paulette O'Rourke

James E. Paquette

Angela W. Patsios

John & Patricia Petrick

Jeffrey Pierce

Robert Pritchard, Jr.

Lawrence & Antonia Proulx

Boris & Lyudmila Rakita

Lynissa Rich & Jonathan


Lauren & David Richards

Amy Rogers

Scott C. & Mary AnnRomero

Steven V. & Cheryl Rotella

Albert J. & Margaret A. Rotti

Daniel Jr. & Mary Ellen


Walter R. & Janet F. Sarvela

Charles E. & Eileen Sheehan

Masashi & Lorriann Shimojo

Dean Siflinger

James Sivco

Marilyn & Gale Sinkiewicz

Donald & Beth Silvio Sloan

Beth, Donald & MikeSloan

Richard L. Stafford

Richard H. & Nancy Stearns

Allan C. & Carol A. Taylor

Mark & Mary Beth Tobin

Dennis & Janet Tracey

Robert M. Valletta

Kathy Walsh

Walter T. & Paula C. Webster

Gilbert White

Linda & Michael Whiteside

Ann M. Whitlow

John J. & Patricia York

Thank you also to Hal Giancola for payment of past dues.

Dates for Meetings/Summer 2015 Picnic:

Board: 8 Nov 2014, 7 Feb 2015, 11 Apr 2015, 13 Jun 2015

General: 11 Jul 2015, 15 Aug 2015

Picnic: 18 Jul 2015

Please contact any of the following Pirates Cove Beach Association Board members with questions and/or comments:

PresidentVice PresidentSecretary Treasurer

Jim BoutilierDave Capotosto Kathy DiGiusto Peter Falco

508-477-5017508-539-0052 81-526-4493

Financial SecretaryDirectorDirector

Shirley BoutilierPaula WebsterGrace DiMauro


October 2014

President’s Message

Following story from Fall 2003 reprinted by permission from author:

The assessment letter for $4,000 was still in my small bag. We were shocked when it finally caught up with us in Bali. Dick and I cut short our around the world trip and boarded the next plane. It was time to come home and find out what was going on at Pirates Cove.

As we drove down Mashpee Neck Rd., the first thing we noticed was the road seemed wider or maybe it was the sidewalks that made it appear wider. What happened to the bulletin board and the “PRIVATE Residents and Guests Only, No Trespassing“ sign? Dick and I looked at each other puzzled, but slowly continued down Captains Row. There were stakes and markers all down the street and several pieces of DPW equipment lined up as though ready to start work.

At Bay Shore Beach there was a policeman talking to a woman in a station wagon loaded with kids. The sign on the post read “Town of Mashpee Parking $10.” My mouth must have dropped open; I couldn’t believe it! There was a large moving van at Lempitski’s. “Oh, Dick, something terrible has happened. Mimi and Steve would never leave The Cove, they love it here.” Next we saw the cars with boat trailers lined up at Old Colony Beach, a lifeguard stand near the water and a line of port-a-potties along the fence. Ed and Amy were in the front yard with Sarah and Abigail, both girls 3 years older than when we saw them last. We stopped to talk. Amy had tears in her eyes as she told me that the Board finally had given up. Taxes and liability insurance had gone sky high, the Cove didn’t have the money to fix the roads and just more than half of the Pirates Cove residents care about keeping it private. They know $75.00 / year is a small price to pay to keep Pirates Cove to ourselves. The others use the roads, attend the parties and enjoy the benefit of having a private community, but let their neighbors do the work.

Dick was shaking me, “Come on, it’s time to get up.” Is the coffee on? I’ve had a terrible nightmare.

By Shirley Henshall

The moral of this story is the same today. If the Association doesn’t have the funds to maintain the private roads, eventually the roads will fall into very bad condition, property values will decrease and , eventually when the roads are bad enough, the Town will take the roads; the property owners will be assessed (by State law) thousands of dollars betterment fee for the removal of these roads and the construction of new roads brought up to Town standards – just a matter of time.

The Association has just spent $7,000 for repair of sink holes and crack sealing. As the roads continue to age, these maintenance amounts will increase. At present slightly over 70% of owners are paying annual dues, leaving almost 30% of owners (about 40 properties) that do not share in the maintenance. Some of them do not pay simply because they do not HAVE to, and others use the EXCUSE that paying dues may make them potentially liable in some potential future legal action. The Association has never been sued, and at least one known attorney/owner always pays the annual dues.

As I have previously said – in this free society it is up to each of us to decide through personal responsibility to be a good neighbor, or an irresponsible bad neighbor.

I wish all a happy and healthy Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year season.

Jim Boutilier, President