After I Applied I Received This Email

After I Applied I Received This Email

After I applied I received this email


Thank you for your interest in The Equity Project (TEP) Charter School and for taking the time to speak with uson the phone!The next step in the process is completing a task assignment.

The task below relates to transportation for TEP students. In asking you to complete this task, we are aiming to gain insight into how you conduct research and think about system design. This is directly relevant to the Office Manager position, since this role involves, among other things, conducting research, designing systems, and presenting and collating information in an effective way.


Research available transportation options for students at New York City charter schools. What transportation services are available for TEP students to get to and from school? How is eligibility determined by the New York City Department of Education?

Then, use your research to design a system that enables TEP staff to track information related to transportation for all TEP students from 5ththrough 8thgrade. Your system should enable TEP staff to perform the following functions:

  • Staff should be able to get a quick glimpse of which transportation option each TEP student uses.
  • Staff should be able to view more detailed transportation information for each student. For example, this information might include both the transportation services for which the student is eligible as well as the actual transportation option that the student has chosen to use. Other “details” to include for each student are up to you – your research should help you determine what additional details are important for TEP to record and track.
  • Staff should easily be able to slice and dice the data in various ways in order to further analyze the information.


Please submit the following two itemsthroughthe link at the bottom of this message:

  • A narrative that summarizes your system, identifies any assumptions that you made, and describes the rationales behind your choices
  • The system itself. Though not a requirement, we strongly suggest that you illustrate your system by inputting the names and data of imaginary TEP students from 5ththrough 8thgrade.


  • Your task will be evaluated based on the extent to which the systemis based on solid, accurate research regarding student transportation at NYC DOE charter schools and achieves the three goals stated above.
  • In addition, the system will be evaluated for attention to detail, visual appearance and formatting, and usability.

Thanks again for your interest in TEP Charter School!