Advisory Committee Meeting Agenda

Advisory Committee Meeting Agenda

Advisory Committee Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Krista BaderLeslie NunnMaria Pote

Jan SternNicole WebbLori Wiggins

Opened the meeting at 10:15 am by welcoming everyone.

Agenda for today’s meeting

Approval of October’s Minutes

FSA Testing

Live Lesson Test Prop

Upcoming SAC Meeting

Jan Stern -

October Minutes - no updates

Maria Pote motion to approve; Nicole Webb 2nd

Virtual Great American Teach In Review

- We had 9 presenters from across the US and talked on Google Handout

- Presentations were recorded and are located on our Pasco eSchool You Tube page -

Lori Wiggins -

Florida Standard Assessments (FSA) – Live Sessions.

Paper Based Tests

-Grades 3-4 ELA/ Math & Grade 5 Science – multiple choice, multi select and grid response questions. Writing portion of ELA will be paper based as well.

Computer Based Tests

-Grade 5 ELA/Math – multiple choice, multi select and technology enhanced questions (will use online tools/manipulatives). Students will be given a 4 page work folder to use.

Resources & Information

-FSA Training Tests –

-Great website for parents and students

How can you prepare your child in Literacy?

-Ask questions about what they are reading

-Encourage reading and writing and talking about what they are reading

-Encourage researching topics that interests

-Have child follow step by step instructions in order to accomplish a task

How can you prepare your child in Math

-Practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts

-Encourage children not to give up while solving problems, building stamina and develop critical thinking skills

-Have child illustrate the math they are thinking in their head and discuss out loud

-Ask children to apply their math knowledge to a real world scenario at home

FSA Training Tests preparation with our elementary families on Friday

-Parents and students to become familiar with the system, function and item types.

-Sample items for different grade levels (3-11) and subject areas (reading, writing, language, listening and math).

ELA and Math Examples:

Lori went over and showed what some test examples will be like in both the written and math tests.

Resources for Families – Lori provided a list along with their websites.

Maria would like for Lori to share all these websites with the teachers as well.

Maria Pote –

Understanding the FSA Writing Prompts:

The eSchool English teachers looked over the writing and provide students some assistance with the new FSA Writing Prompts and will be sharing with students. Here are some of the items they will be going over with students:

-What is expected with the test

-How to analyze the writing prompt/task to be sure they are doing what is asked.

-What the test will look like

-FCAT Writes vs FSA Writing differences

  • FDOE replaced FCAT with FSA
  • Statewide Assessments grades k-12
  • Grades 3-11 for ELA, 4-11 for Writing. 3-8 for Math
  • FSA Tests are Computer Based with exception of 3-4 FSA ELA/Math; Grades 4-7 FSA ELA Test Based Writing Component

-Students can prepare

  • FSA is integrated into the curriculum of your online English Class with eSchool
  • Additional preparation is available free online at for students to do at home.

-Parents can help

  • Provided a list with their websites.

-Different Essay Types

  • Grades 4-5 will write an informative or opinion prompt.
  • Grades 6-11 will write an informative or argumentative prompt.
  • Informative Essay
  • Informs, conveys, imparts or communicates factual unbiased knowledge to an audience
  • Argumentative Essay
  • Takes a position (picks a side) and uses eveidence to support that claim
  • Both Types of Essays
  • MUST USE EVEIDENCE or support from the information provided!

-What Reading material will you get?

  • Short answer – we don’t know for sure
  • Expect 2 different sources/articles
  • Sources will be grade level reading.

-Analyzing the Writing the Prompts!

  • Write an informational essay
  • Manage your time carefully
  • Read the passage
  • Plan your essay
  • Write your essay
  • Revise and Edit your essay
  • Written essay should be in the form of a multiparagraph essay.

Jan Stern –

Opened for any questions:

Krista Bader – question regarding the Kg testing – Discover Ed Testing vs EOY Assessment – is there 3 days of testing?

Lori -

* Discovery Ed is a Benchmark Assessment– different names

Grades 2-5 - Discovery Ed testing

Grades Kg-1 – Adam K7 testing/Dora Reading Assessments

*Grades K-5 students take EOY (End of Year) Assessment District Wide – this covers areas of their core Subjects (Math, Social Studies, Language Arts, etc) and some performance assessments (electives)

* Yes – 3 days of testing 1 Discovery Ed and 2 days EOY Assessments.

Due to the beginning of FSA Testing and Spring Break in March, our next SAC Meeting will be April 22nd

Motion to adjourn meeting - Krista.Bader; Nicole Webb, 2nd

Motion to adjourn – M. Pote; C.Dusel 2nd