Adams 12 Five Star Schools

Adams 12 Five Star Schools

Namaqua Elementary School

Student and Family Handbook


Respect, On Task, Attitude to Achieve and Responsibility



NAMAQUA FAX 970-613-6620



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8:15 a.m. – 4:15 p.m. Daily

SCHOOL HOURS – All Day Kindergarten – Grade 5

8:42 a.m.First Bell

8:43 a.m.Second Bell

8:43 – 3:45M, T, TH, F

8:43 – 2:15Wednesday Early Release

Half Day Kindergarten

AM 8:43 – 11:45 M, T, TH, F Wed. 8:43 – 11:00

PM 12:45 – 3:45 M, T, TH, F Wed. 11:58 – 2:15

Class begins at 8:43 a.m.

If you arrive after 8:43 a.m. you are considered tardy.



A significant part of a students’ educational experience is derived from classroom participation, activities, discussion and relationships. Daily attendance is required for the student to attain the maximum benefits from the educational process.

It is the responsibility of the student, and his/her parents or guardians to maintain the student’s attendance in accordance with Namaqua Elementary School and Thompson calendars.

It is the responsibility of school personnel to keep accurate attendance records, to notify parents, guardians, or legal custodians of non-attendance, and to process all absences in accordance with district policy and procedures and in compliance with the school attendance law.


Absences are the non-attendance of the students in one or more class periods during the day. Excessive absences, either excused or unexcused, shall be addressed by school and district personnel. Appropriate intervening measures shall be taken.

Excused absences are defined as:

  • Absences caused by illness, injury, or physical, mental and/or emotional disability, or non-emergency medical/dental appointments (a doctor’s excuse may be required for extended absences)
  • Religious observances generally recognized by an established and bona fide religious organization
  • Family emergencies or hardships
  • Absences required by a legal body
  • Other reasons specified by law

Excessive absences are those absences which, though excused under the previous definition, occur in such quantity as to affect academic performance and grades in a significant way.


School Office: 970-613-6690

Absences MUST be reported to the front office, even if the teacher has been notified of the absence. This number may be called at anytime to report an absence or tardy. Please leave a message which includes the following:


  • Name of person calling & relationship to student
  • Student’s name
  • Date(s) of absence
  • Reason for absence
  • Teacher’s name


Telephone calls will be made to parents whose children have not been called in on the attendance line or confirmed absent.


Below is the course of action for student absences and tardies:

4 absences in 1 month or 7 tardies= 1st attendance letter home

7 absences or 14 tardies = 2nd attendance letter home/meeting

14 or more absences or 20 tardies= Attendance conference w/ truancy officer & attendance contract


A tardy is considered arriving at school after 8:43 a.m.

All students who are tardy (arriving after 8:43 a.m.) must report to the office for a late pass.

Parents/guardians of students must sign the In/Out Sheet located at the front desk when taking/returning students during the school day. Only the contacts (18 or older) noted on the registration form will be allowed to take the student for the day. Parents or guardians of other students will not be allowed to take another student out during the day without verbal/written notification from their parent or guardian.

When taking your child for an appointment, please do not ask to have them wait in the office. We will call your student down to the office while you sign them out. It is very important that students remain in the classrooms to participate in the classroom instruction. Please allow time in your planning.

Students will not be allowed to sign themselves in/out or return home once the school day begins.

Any person other than parent/guardian arriving to pick up your student will be required to show ID, and a phone call to the front office to let us know of this arrangement.


Parents and volunteers are welcome at Namaqua Elementary!

To ensure the safety of all students attending Namqua Elementary, all visitors must check-in at the front desk and receive a visitor’s badge.

Volunteers must be pre-approved by the district in order to volunteer in Thompson schools. To inquire about the process, please visit our district website at



If you have an urgent message for your student, please call the office and leave the message with one of our office personnel.

We will deliver non-urgent messages to students by the end of the school day.

When there is a change in routines or circumstances out of the ordinary please make arrangements with your child/ren ahead of time (before 8:43 a.m.) to avoid confusion and a disruption to the classroom.


We have established a parent email/phone service to communicate with our families. With this service, you can expect to receive reminder phone calls about important calendar events. Our intent is to use this frequently to keep you informed on a regular basis.

Please be aware that if your phone has an operator intercept with a message regarding “no solicitation,” the auto dialer will not be able to contact you.


Although teachers have telephones located in their classrooms, they have been directed to keep their ringers turned off during instructional time. If you want to reach your child’s teacher, you may do the following:

  • Call the voice mail number and leave a message.


Name Voice Mail Extension # (2013-2014)

Anderson / 6621 / 2138
Technologists / 6670
Ballinger / 6624 / 2142
Bellino / 6639 / 2160
Beuke / 6607
Bouska / 6612 / 2131 / Spanish / 2157/6640
Dore’ / 6630 / 2149 / Kitchen / 6606
Inst. Coach Rm / 2147
Elias / 6631 / 2150
Fertitta / 6603 / 2166
Gill / 6638 / 2173
Giroux / 6610 / South Side Cottage / 2172/6649
Attendance / 6690
Hall, R / 6647 / 2165 / Extra Office Phone / 2177
Hartman / 6622 / 2139 / P.D. Room / 2147
Int. Reading / 6626 / 2145
ILC / 6628 / 2146 / Extra Rm. By Kdg. / 2136/6619
McComas / 6601 / Tech Room / 6670
Michel / 6605 / Fax / 6620
Mills / 6648 / 2171
Norton / 6637 / 2156
Owen / 6629 / 2148
Perry / 6623 / 2141
Rowan / 6632 / 2151
Rowland / 6615 / 2133
Rudolph / 6611 / 6665
Rutherfurd / 6614 / 2132
Schroeder / 6642 / 2162
Scragg (Dist. Nurse) / 6610
Soto / 6646 / 2164
Stoddard / 6641 / 2161
Stubbe / 6634 / 2153
Vandenburg-Hall / 6616 / 2134
Veach / 6656 / 2137
Vitale / 6604
Wakeman / 6633 / 2152
Whitney / 6617 / 2135
Wright / 6636 / 2155
  • You may call the office, and they will deliver messages to your student’s teacher at the end of the day.
  • You may call the classroom teacher before or after school.


You may also reach your student’s teacher via e-mail. Your student’s teacher will give you his/her e-mail address, and you may e-mail them at your convenience. You may expect to hear back from them within 24 hours.


If you have a concern or question with regard to your child’s classroom or classroom teacher’s policies, the recommended communication procedures should be followed.

  1. Start with the classroom teacher.
  2. If the classroom teacher is not aware of the situation, they can refer you to the appropriate individual.
  3. If a resolution has not been reached at that level, you may then contact the building administration.


Please mark names clearly and permanently on coats, backpacks, lunch boxes, etc. Students and parents should check the “lost & found” bin periodically. At varying times throughout the school year lost items will be displayed and unclaimed items will be sent to a charitable organization.


Field trips within our city and to nearby points of interest are scheduled by various classroom teachers throughout the school year. These trips are designed to supplement different aspects of the classroom curriculum and to introduce students to resources in the community. Parents will receive notice of scheduled field trips well in advance.

It is a district requirement that a parent sign a permission form for all field trips. Students without a permission slip will not be allowed to accompany their class on the field trip.



It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure student safety while students are walking to and from school. Please give your student these safety reminders when walking to school:

  • Always walk to school with a buddy
  • Never talk to strangers or anyone you don’t know.
  • Always look both ways before crossing any street.


When a child arrives at school with his/her bicycle, he/she should walk it directly to the bike rack at the east side of the building and leave it there until they are ready to go home. For safety reasons, children are not permitted to ride their bicycles on the school grounds. The school expects all bicycle riders to refrain from riding over school lawns or private property. Children are expected to follow traffic rules applying to bicycle riders.


Skateboards, rollerblades and sneaker skates (heelies) are not to be brought to school, or used on school grounds. Students wearing sneaker skates will be asked to remove the wheels and parents can pick them up at the end of the school day.


The drop-off zone is strictly for a 1-2 minute stop; please do not park in No Parking Zones. We appreciate your consideration with these efforts.

We are asking that you do not bring your child to school before 8:35 a.m., as there will be no supervision before this time. At 8:43 a.m. students will be allowed into the building. At that time, students come in and put their coats and back packs away.


If you have to drive your child to school, or if you are simply driving through the neighborhood near a school, please remember the following traffic safety information:

  1. Watch for children running into the street, particularly from between parked cars.
  2. Be alert for children at designated school crossings and other crosswalk locations.
  3. Obey speed limits, especially school zone speed limits during school hours. Take your time!
  4. Do not stop, stand, or park on or near crosswalks or other designated “NO PARKING” zones in the vicinity of a school.
  5. Use designated student-loading zones to drop off and pick up your child.
  6. Do not block school bus loading zones, crosswalks, intersections, or traffic lanes while waiting to pick up your child.
  7. Respect the “NO PARKING” and “NO STOPPING OR STANDING” signs. They are there in part to help ensure the safety of your children.
  8. Never drop off or pick up your child on the far side of the street from the school unless you plan to escort them across the street or guide them toward the crosswalk.
  9. Do not make U-turns in school zones or within crosswalks.
  10. Consider car pooling to reduce the amount of congestion around the school.


Please follow the guidelines listed below:

-Straps on tank tops must be the width of 3 fingers.

-No net shirts unless another shirt is worn underneath.

-Shirts must cover stomachs and backs

-No undergarments may show

-Shorts and skirts must come to the fingertips when the child is standing with his/her arms to the side.

-No clothing that features alcohol, tobacco, drugs, profanity, or any other activity prohibited by the student code of conduct.

-No hats or sunglasses in the building (unless it’s a special day designated for hats).



Your child will be seen in the health office if ill or injured at school. The health aide, or office staff, will determine if your child needs to go home for illness or injury. If your child needs to go home, you will be contacted as soon as possible. The school has no facility to keep ill children for long periods of time. Therefore, it is essential that you keep the school informed of any change in address and/or telephone numbers.


The physical education program and recess activities have many educational, healthful and social values. Therefore, the health service department recommends that all students participate in the regular physical education program and recess activities unless there are sufficient medical reasons why a child cannot safely participate in these programs.


A recess break is provided for all children at their lunch period. Additional recess breaks are at the discretion of the teacher. Recess breaks are held outside. Precipitation, wind speed and low temperatures can cause recess breaks to be held inside. Namaqua policy is that whenever any combination of these factors takes the chill temperature below 15 degrees, the recess breaks will be inside.

Because of the temperate Colorado climate, children are generally sent outside for recess. Children should dress appropriately for the season, and should wear warm clothing and boots during cold and wet weather.

Be Safe / *Line up quickly when the bell rings (or whistle blows)
*Keep rocks, snow, and sticks on the ground
*Chasing is not allowed
*Use playground equipment appropriately
Be Respectful
/ *Include others in games, teach them if necessary
*Take turns and share
*Solve problems with positive words, tell an adult if needed.
Be Responsible / *Return loose equipment to storage bins




The basic premise of our behavior program (PBiS) is that we want to simultaneously teach and reinforce with our students our standards for behavior in our school. This includes student behaviors in the classroom, in common areas, at recess, and on the school bus. The three primary components of this program are:

  • Common language and expectations established with the entire school community, communicated regularly with the students.
  • On-going teaching, reinforcing and reminding students about the expectations and standards for positive behavior.
  • Regular recognition of students’ efforts in all aspects of their day-to-day behaviors during the school day.

Program Implementation:

We will start our school year with a token system that rewards students in all locations throughout the school day including the cafeteria, classroom, hallways, and playground. Students will be issued a “PAWS blue slip” for their positive behaviors, and with their teacher’s help, they will keep them in their classroom. As students reach their individual goals, they will have an opportunity to ‘cash-in’ their awards. These rewards can include a special privilege, class reward and recognition from an administrator. Whole classrooms also have an opportunity to earn “Yee-Haws” for their positive behavior. These will also be redeemed for a special whole-class reward.

For students who seem to have difficulty remembering our behavior standards, they’ll receive a Minor form, which is simply a reminder that they need to slow down, think before they act, and be safe in our school. Our goal is to promote a safe and orderly atmosphere for learning. These gentle reminders are intended to help students identify an area where they may be struggling to follow the school rules.

This program is in addition to our district-wide discipline policy which is intended for more serious disciplinary offenses. If a student is extremely disruptive in the classroom, threatens to physically harm (or actually does harm) another student, or uses words or actions with the intent to harm another, they will receive a Major referral. If a student receives a Major referral, the school administration will adhere to our district’s due process standard which includes a thorough investigation into the incident. Parents will be notified in the event a Major referral is written to a student. Please refer to our Discipline Definitions matrix attached to the handbook for more information.

Classroom Behavioral Standards:

Teachers will also be implementing our Positive School-wide Behavior Intervention Support System, but each classroom or grade level may have an additional policy explaining in depth the particulars of their policy. We want to work with our students to make sure they know our school-wide and classroom behavioral expectations and each grade level’s policy will clearly reflect that philosophy.


Students will receive trimester report cards. The reports dates are as follows:

Parent/Teacher Conferences: October 23rd – 24th.

. You can expect to receive your students’ beginning of the year assessment results, as well as an update on their current classroom performance.

1st Trimester Grade Report: Report cards will be sent home November 22nd

Parent/Teacher Conferences: March 5th – 6th

2nd Trimester Grade Report: Report cards will be sent home on March 5th

3rd Trimester Grade Report: Report cards for all students will be sent home on May 30th.


At Namaqua, we believe that assessment is the key that drives instruction. We implement all standardized assessments mandated by the district and the state, as well as daily and on-going informal assessment that allow us to further monitor your child’s progress.

K / 1st / 2nd / 3rd / 4th / 5th
Reading Inventory
DRA2 = Kind – 3rd grade
Acuity = 3rd – 5th grade / x / x / x / x / x / x / 3 times per year
Writing Assessment / x / X / x / x / x / x / 3 times per year
Math Assessment
I-ready K-2
Acuity = 3rd - 5th / x / X / x / x / x / x / 2 times per year (K-2)
3 times per year
TCAP Reading/
Writing / x / x / x / Once Yearly
TCAP Math / x / x / x / Once Yearly
TCAP Science / x / Once Yearly

*The TCAP testing window is as follows:

3rd Grade: Reading-

Grade 3, 4, 5: Reading, Writing, Math, & Science (5th grade only) -



The Thompson School District participates in the National School Lunch Program. With the help of the program, we are able to offer nutritious, well-balanced lunches at all elementary school locations. We also offer a Universal Breakfast Program, free to all students when they enter their classrooms each morning.