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SPRAY/FREEZE DRIED MICRO/NANOPARTICLES OF BIODEGRADABLE POLYMERS FOR CANCER CHEMOTHERAPY, Si-Shen Feng and Li MU, Division of Bioengineering and Department of Chemical & Environmental Engineering, National University of Singapore, 10 Kent Ridge Crescent, Singapore 119260;
Most anticancer drugs have limitations in clinical administration due to their poor solubility and other unfavourable properties. They usually require the aid of certain adjuvants, which often cause serious side effects. Moreover, intravenous injection and infusion are unavoidably associated with considerable fluctuations of drug concentration in the blood, which limit the dosages and dosing intervals of these drugs. Our aim is to develop techniques to manufacture micro/nanoparticles of biodegradable polymers and bioadhesive materials for clinical administration of anticancer drugs with best efficacy and least side effects and, with further modification, for oral delivery of anticancer drugs. Paclitaxel was chosen as a prototypical anticancer drug due to its excellent efficacy against a wide spectrum of cancers. Micro/nanoparticles are prepared by a modified solvent extraction/evaporation technique with biological products such as lipids, cholesterol and vitamins used as emulsifiers to improve the quality and drug release properties of the product and the drug encapsulation efficiency of the micro/nanoparticles. Both spray dry and freeze dry techniques are employed to compare their effects on the size and size distribution, morphological properties, in vitro and in vivo release behavior of the micro/nanoparticles. Vitamin TPGS was found to have excellent emulsifying effects.



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