The Hillside Mileage Club

The Hillside Mileage Club

The Hillside Mileage Club

Is Walking Again!

What is The Mileage Club?

Back by popular demand, Hillside Elementary will be participating in a walking program this spring known as The Feelin’ Good Mileage Club. All children in grades 1 through 4 will be invited to walk, jog or run a set course on school grounds for both fun and fitness awareness. This year, the program will be held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings during morning recess for grades 2, 3 & 4 and lunch recess for grade 1. We will begin on Wednesday, May 2nd and end on Wednesday, May 30th. The program will be cancelled on days with inclement weather. On the first day (May 2nd) we encourage all children to participate and receive their first Toe Token (a small plastic foot) and key chain. Thereafter, the program is completely voluntary. Each child is free to participate as little or as much as he/she desires and will earn Toe Tokens based on laps recorded in the designated time.


Thanks to the success of previous years, we’ve had many requests from both parents and children to continue The Mileage Club (part of T/E School District’s participation in a statewide initiative titled The Keystone Healthy Zone Campaign). This program aims to help schools promote healthy lifestyles for children through improved nutrition and opportunities for physical activity. There seems no better time to encourage our youth to become more aware of their physical well-being.

We Need Your Help!

Volunteers are needed for each of the days the Club will be active. As a volunteer, we ask for you to help out as follows:

1. Arrive at the playground for the shift you have signed up for. If you are unable to make your shift, please email or call Debbie Weger.

2. Help record the progress of each participant as they complete a course lap

3. Award Toe Tokens when earned

4. Set out the course with cones and return the cones to the gym, depending on your shift

If you have any questions regarding the program, please contact:

« Donna Mucklow 610-647-1480 (email )

« Sam Murphy 610-640-1393 (email )

« Michelle Ries 610-296-1407 (email )

« Debbie Weger at 610-240-0268 (email

Thank you for your help!

This program cannot run (no pun intended) without parent participation! Please support this worthwhile effort!

We will need volunteers for the following Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays throughout the month of May. Please e-mail Debbie Weger at with the days and shifts you are available to help out on the playground. It is helpful if you could arrive 5 minutes before the shift starts.

Monday(s) 5/7(no 3rd) 5/14 5/21

Wednesday(s) 5/2 5/9 5/16(no 4th) 5/23 5/30

Friday(s) 5/4 5/11 5/18 5/25

Due to field trips and theme week, some grades may not participate in mileage club every day it is available (these dates are noted above).