9Th Grade General Science Guidelines L-1

9Th Grade General Science Guidelines L-1

Instructor: Mr. Samilenko

Phone extension: 6393


9th Grade general Science guidelines – L-1

Please place these guidelines in your notebook.

What will we be doing in science class?

The curriculum for this class will have a strong emphasis on environmental science, ecology, and earth science. The structure of this class is a mixture of lecture, discussion, group activities, and laboratory experiences. We will be conducting a field study in the fall followed by extensive data analysis. In addition to a very broad curriculum, this course will also provide you with study skills, test preparation techniques, experimental design, and laboratory writing skills.


  1. Introduction to Science and Planet Earth
  2. Ecology – Population Ecology
  3. Ecology – Energy in the Ecosystem and Cycles
  4. Ecology – Environmental Issues
  5. General Chemistry
  6. Fossil Fuels and Renewable Energy
  7. Geology and Geo-history
  8. Soils and Agricultural
  9. Water as an Ecosystem
  10. Meteorology

How challenging is this course?

This is a level one high school science class. It will be different in many ways from your previous classes. Your success will depend primarily on your commitment to this class. Previous good grades and level one status does not ensure good grades in high school. Good grades are rarely achieved without hard work. A lot of time and effort will be expected of you. If you are not willing to complete the assignments or review your notes daily, then this probably is not the course for you.

How can I do well in this class?

You must start with a positive attitude about this class and yourself. You may not find everything we do to be exciting; however, keeping a good attitude will make it much easier to learn the material and master any required skills.

Pay attention in class. Taking detailed notes and doing homework is essential but not enough. In order to fully understand concepts, you need to pay attention in class and participate in discussions by asking and answering questions.

You must learn to manage your time. Test preparation should being as least a week in advance. If a written assignment is not given for homework, you still may have homework. Studying is homework. A daily review of your notes is essential to being successful.

Try not to miss class. Sometimes it is unavoidable. If you do miss class, it is your responsibility to make up all assignments. You will be given a monthly calendar that will also be on my web site. Assignments will be posted daily in class and on my web page in the homework section.The majority of the class material can be found there.If you know you are going to be absent, see me.

If you are struggling in the course please come in for help after school. This service is provided for you, but it is your responsibility to take advantage of it when needed.

How are grades determined?

Your total points earned in a marking period will determine your grades. These totals will vary among marking periods.Approximately 50% of your grades will come from exam scores. Exams will cover material learned over a two to three week period. Expect three to four exams a marking period. You will be informed of exams several days in advance. Quizzes, laboratories, class work, and homework assignments determine the other half of your grade. Projects and research papers will be conducted throughout the year and may replace other forms of grading.

*Class participation and cooperation is required and is part of your grade. Failure to cooperate will result in a reduction of your overall grade.

What will I need for this class?

You need to bring your science notebook, charged I-pads, pens, and pencils everyday. Your notebook should consist of a folder to hold handouts and blank lined paper for note taking. Students will be instructed on when to bring textbooks.

General classroom rules.

Be respectful to your teacher and fellow students. Be prepared and on time for every class. Science class should be used to only work on material related to this course.

If you have a concern or problem regarding this class or this course, come and discuss it with me. Don’t be afraid to address your concerns and solve your own problems. I am available most days after school.