8Th Grade Earth Science2015-2016

8Th Grade Earth Science2015-2016

8th grade Earth Science2015-2016

Instructor: Haley Kalina

Phone: 320.762.7900Email:

Teacher page: (DMS website, under Teacher pages)

What do I need for Earth Science?

  • Your Notebook: A composition notebook will be used daily to record all of your thoughts, ideas, and important information. Keep your notebook organized & in good condition.
  • Chromebook: Bring it charged and ready to go! Some days we’ll use it lots, some days not much, it will depend on how we will be learning each day. Signs in the room will let you know the plan each day.
  • Writing Utensil: Have one—everyday!
  • Gmail account: This will be used for using Google Drive to share and collaborate on class work
  • Folder: used just for Earth Science. This will be a helpful place to organize any handouts or work not taped into your notebook.
  • Mrs. K’s Teacher Webpage/Schoology(?): All unit plans/checklists of tasks will be posted here. Web links for research and electronic versions of in-class documents will also be posted here.

How will I be assessed & graded?

Learning will be focused around Essential Questions. These are developed based on the Minnesota Academic Content Standards. You will be scored on YOUR understanding of the skills and concepts connected to those Essential Questions. Grades will be used to give you feedback in the following areas:

30%--Developing Understanding: Classroom work that helps you prepare for and develop understanding of earth science and laboratory concepts. Selected work will be scored in this area

70%--Enduring Understanding: Your ability to show lasting understanding of science concepts on final assessments (tests, quizzes, projects, report, etc). It is worth the majority of your grade because it is what you understand at the end of the learning that counts!

0%--Process: Not every piece of work is graded in class, but every piece has been carefully developed to help your understanding! This category is a check-point for work completion. Scoring will be as follows for these assignments: 0 (didn’t do), 1 (partially complete or poorly done), or 2 (complete and related to assignment).

**Please note: There is NO extra credit!!!The goal here is to build understanding - not just collect points. There are opportunities to revise your work and re-explain concepts to show that you have gained understanding. This is done at teacher discretion. You will need to show me that you have prepared to do better!

What if I turn things in late—or not at all?

Getting work (& other things) completed on time is a life skill—whether it’s for a job, returning a movie, or your car’s oil change. Start practicing today! Late work receives a Process score of “0” on a 2-point scale. Work will NOT be accepted after the last day of a unit, unless it is because of an excused absence and YOU have made other arrangements with me. Be responsible.

What will we be learning about in 8th grade Earth Science?

Unit topics include Earth’s Changing Surface, Materials Cycles, Rock Sequences & Earth History, Interaction with the Environment, Plate Tectonics, Solar System Motion, Chemistry, Sources & Transfer of Energy in the Atmosphere, and Weather & Climate.

How will we be learning?

We will learn through a variety of methods. This class will be hands- & minds-on, with a hefty dose of inquiry and problem-solving skills being applied to what we study. You will be expected to be an active participant in your learning, your team/group, and the class. Textbooks will be used in the classroom on a limited basis and as a resource. Much of our material is experienced through supplemental resources and online materials. Your composition notebook will become your “textbook”! We will use the schoolgoogleaccountsto create and work collaboratively on projects with partners and myself at school or home. I am able to monitor activity on these accounts.

What’s expected of me?

District 206’s Code of Conduct will be followed at all times! Respect, Honesty, Kindness, Fairness, & Responsibility—most of myexpectations fit into one of those core values. Earth Science is a class full of great things to learn and do, please be on time and ready to go when the bell rings so that we can get to all of those things. Safety and being part of a team are everyone’s responsibilities. If you can’t work well with others or work safely, credit will be lost.So just to anticipate a few questions you might have:

What if I…

…am disruptive or unsafe?If you insist on disrupting my teaching or your classmates’ learning, you will need to leave until you can behave more maturely and appropriately.

…cheat? Don’t. School district policies apply. Take the responsibility to prepare for class, so that you can have the opportunity to show yourself and me what you can do! Take some pride in YOU!

…have a phone, iPod, or other electronic device that I can’t pry my mind &/or fingers from? We’ll use Chromebooks for learning. Phones/iPods should be in lockers. If these are distractions, they will be stored in the office for three days per DMS school policy.

…have food or drink in the room? This is a science lab & classroom, NO personal food/drink except water is allowed in the room unless for lesson purposes. This is for your safety.

…am not using the computers appropriately? Using the computer labs and Chromebooks are a privilege, not a right. If you are somewhere on the computer or web that you shouldn’t be or aren’t using the computers appropriately, you will lose the privilege of using them in my room and possibly throughout the school. Computers technology will be used frequently in our studies!Treat your Chromebook with respect—your community believes in you & has given you an amazing tool for expanding your learning!! (check out the Chromebook handout for info)

*Digital Citizenship:

  • Use it wisely, so as not to jeopardize access for yourself and others.
  • Absolutely no games, email, texting or web-surfing during class that is not directly related to class content. If in doubt, ask first. Violations are subject to the district acceptable use policy.
  • Bullying, foul language, and other forms of harassment are prohibited by district policy and in some cases, the law. Be aware that anything you post, text, or email can be accessed.
  • Avoid the dangers associated with putting personal information online at home or school.

* Click here to digitally sign the syllabus, class expectations safety contract!*

**Please read the Science Safety Contract below with your student before signing!!