7 Ways to Improve Feng Shui in Your Home

7 Ways to Improve Feng Shui in Your Home

7 Ways to Improve
Feng Shui in Your Home

Organize, Declutter and Clean
Keep spaces open and organized.
Clutter decreases the opportunity for feng shui to populate the entire home.
Clear rooms, closets, cupboards and drawers of any excess that could keep energy from flowing.
Clean windows are crucial for good feng shui to flow as they symbolize your eyes to the world and allow light and energy to enter your home.
Fix any squeaks that may occur when opening doors or cupboards to create more positive energy in each room.
Use air-purifiers or open windows to create a fresh room filled with oxygen.
Have a Strong
Feng Shui Front
Your home (or business) gets its primary flow of energy or chi through the front door so it’s important to ensure it’s strong, well maintained and unobstructed.
Maintain the quality of your front door – you don’t want squeaky hinges, chipped paint or damage.
Remove old mats, cracked pots, dead plants and any debris that may block the flow of energy from the walkway to your door into the home.
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Provide a Friendly Foyer
The main entry is your opportunity to
‘wow’ guests and immediately welcome them with beautiful furniture, décor and color.
Create a “landing space” using a small table with a flower-filled vase on top or fountain with flowing water.1
An entry rug with beautiful color is perfect to encourage great feng shui.
Create a Comfy
Living Room
This large room should be inviting and comfortable for family and guests alike.
Avoid having furniture in the middle of the room and place your couch along a solid wall.2
A fireplace is great for activating natural elements. You can also increase energy by adding plants, flowing water and wood décor throughout the room.
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Build Boundaries in the Bedroom
Remove televisions, computers or exercise equipment as these things bring the energy of work and stress into a room that is meant for relaxation and romance.
Having enough room for a bedside table on each side is important, as well as avoiding having your bed in line with the door.3
Board Up Your
Water is connected to wealth in feng shui and a lot of water escapes the home through toilets, sinks and showers.
Make sure you keep the toilet seat down and the bathroom door shut to keep positive energy from escaping.4
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Keep the Kitchen
The kitchen is referred to as the heart of the home –so there’s no better artery to keep healthy!
Fresh fruit, flowers or plants bring uplifting life and energy into this all-important area.1
There is no shortage of detail when it comes to feng shui. But, starting with these 7 ideas will help strengthen your home’s feng shui.
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