7 Best Apps for Planning Room Layouts and Designs

7 Best Apps for Planning Room Layouts and Designs

7 Best Apps For Planning Room Layouts And Designs

Have you ever wished you could see what new furniture would look like in your home before you bought it?

I think this has probably crossed everyone's mind at some point or another because furniture is not cheap, the delivery and arranging process is a hassle due to the sheer weight of many pieces, and most stores do not typically let you change your mind if you decide a month later that you aren't really "feeling" your new style.

Therefore, some design geniuses created a life-changing technology, virtual room design, and planning applications.

Yes, it means what you think it means!

You can input the exact dimensions and design of your room, or even a whole house, and then start arranging your new furniture to see how it looks, and most importantly if it fits!

Furniture is fairly permanent, unless you have money to burn, so typically when an individual makes a big furniture purchase, whether it be a new living room set of sofas and a recliner, or a brand new dining room table for their family dinners, they probably do not plan on making another purchase within the next ten plus years.

Therefore, to make your life easy and aid in your shopping experience, our furniture professionals have created a list of the seven best apps for room planning and furniture arrangement.

Do not blindly guess if your furniture will fit, or if you'll like it, because this may be an irreversible mistake.

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Table Of Contents

  • Rooms
  • Amikasa
  • Home Design 3D
  • Planner 5D
  • 3Dream
  • Plan Your Room
  • Roomstyler 3D
  • Still Want A Personal Touch?

Check out the list below of these free, or totally affordable, tools anyone can use to plan out their next major home redesign!

1. The "Rooms" app for iOS is a fun and a super easy way for anyone to play around with virtual room designs and layout ideas.

This application allows the user to enter the dimensions of their room and then try out different paint colors and furniture arrangements.

The biggest bonus of this app is the ease of use and its free!

However, if you wish to save the room designs that you create, you will be required to upgrade to the paid version for an extra three dollars.

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2. This room planning and design app is one of my personal favorites, and for good reason. "Amikasa" is a Webby Award-winning application for iOS and Android. It has received rave reviews and has an extremely user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing interface.

The best feature about this app though is that it allows the user to add real furniture from real brands. This means users can see exactly how their new furniture would look and fit in their home.

More cool features the app offers are walk-through mode, virtual tours, and the option to share on social media.

This is beneficial for those who want input and advice from friends and family.

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3. The "Home Design 3D" application is available on iOS and Android for free.

There is also a Gold Edition available for 12 dollars. This app made the list for its ease of use and high level of detail.

It now even offers users the option to 3D-print online!

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4. While this application goes above and beyond planning furniture arrangements and testing out wall colors, "Planner 5D" is the most extensive (and free) room-design tool on the market.

This app allows users to easily design rooms right down to the windows, partitions, stairs, and closets.

For individuals looking at outdoor furniture, it even lets you design patios, pools, and outdoor landscaping in stunning 3D graphics!

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5. The "3Dream" app is a great design planning tool because they provide users with over 40,000 objects to place in their virtual rooms and home.

In addition to furniture, they provide different options so the user can change the walls, the floor, and even accessories.

Once you are finished designing, you can change the view from 2D to 3D and see what the room would look like if you were standing in it.

This app is even helpful to the less tech-savvy because they offer informational tutorials that will allow anyone to design stunning rooms.

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6. "Plan Your Room" is a simple and free online room design application. This app uses tools that are easy to understand and use. You will love the results you get with this straightforward application, and better yet, it will be completed in no time at all.

The walls and floor plans are all "drag and drop" and each of the objects and furniture items are organized on the left side of the screen.

Lastly, if you want to save your design you are only required to register for an account, there is no upgrade fee charged!

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7. Previously known as Mydeco, "Roomstyler 3D Room Planner" is a great option for a free room design application.

This app is so easy to use, you will have your online virtual room created in just minutes!

This app gives each user the freedom to draw in their own design, or drag and drop pre-created walls into the design.

The app offers an abundance of furniture and other accessories to add to your room so you can plan out your furniture arrangement and size needs.

This app doesn't just let you plan for regular rooms in your house, it also lets you use your imagination by having options for home gyms, holidays, and even the garden!