650 Beef Steers 650350 Beef Heifers 350

650 Beef Steers 650350 Beef Heifers 350

Elders BoyanupStore Sale

Friday 21st April 2017

Commencing at 1pm

1500CATTLE 1500

650 Beef Steers 650350 Beef Heifers 350

12 First Cross Steers 12

420 Dairy Steers 42050 First Cross Heifers 50

20 Cows & Calves 20

Beef Steers:

John Fry Trust126Angus steers10-12 months

Yornup holdings45Simangus steers10-12 months

Nilgup Park44Angus & Murray Grey steers10-12 months

Syd Wheatley22Simangus steers10-12 months

Alcoa Farmlands200Angus steers10-11 months

Alcoa Farmlands50Murray Grey steers10-11 months

DW & MJ Rees40South Devon steers8-10 months

RC & SA Miles14Murray Grey steers8-10 months

J & J Young9Angus steers8-10 months

MT Ferguson7Murray Grey steers8-10 months

Venn Pastoral7Angus cross steers8-10 months

I Wovovich7Charolais steers8-10 months

Introvigne Grazing6Simangus steers8-10 months

M & D Pettersen5Hereford steers8-10 months

S Goldsworthy5Murray Grey steers8-10 months

Rob Whild F/T4Murray Grey steers8-10 months

CM & DJ Forrest3Charolais steers8-10 months

Bramely Dairy Trust6Charolais cross steers6-8 months

S Dalton4Droughtmaster cross steers4-6 months

Beef Heifers

M Murphy11Angus heifers12-14 months

VR & EJ Pitter3Angus heifers12-14 months

Gemhurstpty ltd15Red Angus heifers11-13 months Nilgup Park 42 Angus heifers 10-12 months

Yornup holdings15Simmental cross heifers10-12 months

Nilgup Park11Murray Grey heifers10-12 months

D & A Campbell5Angus-Friesian 2nd cross heifers 10-12 months

Alcoa Farmlands70Murray Grey heifers10-11 months

Alcoa Farmlands30Angus heifers10-11 months

MT Ferguson22Murray Grey heifers8-10 month

Introvigne Grazing14Simangus heifers8-10 months

CM & DJ Forrest11Charolais heifers8-10 months

Venn Pastoral10Angus heifers8-10 months

Glenmervyn Grazing10Murray Grey cross heifers8-10 months

Rob Whild F/T10Murray Grey heifers8-10 months

J & J Young6Angus heifers8-10 months

S Goldsworthy5Murray Grey heifers8-10 months

S Dalton14Droughtmaster cross heifers6-8 months

Gumnuts6Murray Grey heifers6-8 months

First Cross Steers:

LJ & RA Brennen12Angus-Friesian steers8-10 months

Dairy Steers:

D & BC Dellasale34Friesian steers22-24 months

Jubilee Farm32Friesian steers18-20 months

Faraway Hills15Friesian steers18-20 months

S & T Cross8Friesian cross steers18-20 months

S & T Cross20Friesian steers14-16 months

RA & PE Gray16Friesian steers14-16 months

VR & EJ Pitter10Friesian steers12-14 months

RW & KM Oates60Friesian steers6-12 months

Uduc Brook Farm25Friesian steers6-8 months

PG & BP Italiano20Friesian steers6-8 months

WH & SE Mottershead20Friesian steers6-8 months

JP Giumelli & son15Friesian steers6-8 months

Negus Enterprises50Friesian steers4-6 months

HY Armstrong15Friesian steers4-6 months

West & Haggerty19Friesian steers3-4 months

First Cross Heifers

VR & EJ Pitter7Angus-Friesian heifers12-14 months

LJ & RA Brennen12Angus-Friesian heifers8-10 months

Kaleden Farms16Angus-Friesian heifers6-8 months

Runnymeade Farm4Angus-Friesian heifers6-8 months

Heifers/Cows & Calves:

D & A Campbell4Angus-Friesain heifers with Angus calves at foot.

AM & MA Wrigglesworth10Angus-Friesian & Hereford-Friesian mature aged cows with February born Angus calves at foot.

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sale ID Sc000483

Further nominations are now being accepted

All live weight cattle are to be received by 9am

with appraisal cattle to be received by 11am

For further enquiry or details

Please contact Michael Carroll 0427 975 620