5 Ways to Add Permanent Art to Your Home

5 Ways to Add Permanent Art to Your Home

5 ways to add permanent art to your home

When making a home for yourself, you want it to reflect your personality and be as beautiful as you can make it. Any kind of art can really uplift your interiors and give your house a distinctive look. If you make the decision to install permanent artistic features, your house can also significantly increase in value. So, here are some artistic features you can add to your home, which are also permanent unless extensive renovation is involved.

  1. Fountains and rockeries

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Fountains and rockeries in your garden can really add to your home’s aesthetic and give your outdoors a touch of sophistication. There is a wide variety of styles in these installations and you can pick something that fits in with your aesthetic. A rockery or a small fountain can even be built inside your home and add character to it.

  1. Windows

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Unique windows can add quite a bit of appeal to your home. Whether it’s through the shape of the windows, their size, or the type of grills and glass used, you can turn these necessary elements of a house into pieces of art. Beautiful gilded grills and stained glass windows are examples of how you can do so. A French window or a large bay window can also achieve this purpose.

  1. Staircases

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It can be seen that staircases play a huge role in your home’s aesthetic. Those grand staircases with Italian marble steps and curved mahogany bannisters never fail to impress with their beauty. You can turn your staircases into works of art with unique materials and by getting very creative with your bannisters.

  1. Wall installations

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You can permanently liven up blank walls by updating them in artistic ways. Paintings etc are just small, changeable measures. So, if you want to really add to your walls, you should go the extra mile. Murals really bring charm to a room and showcase your artistic side as well. For a more durable change, go for adding stone or exposed brick walls to your home. These are an instant ways to add character and value to your home.

  1. False ceilings

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False ceilings are perfect for creating an innovative look in your rooms. You can get them installed in any design and colour you want, and add lighting to it in inventive ways. They are a highly understated way of adding artistic value to your home.

So, unleash your creativity and make your home stand out with permanent art. If you have more ideas you would like to share, do so in the comments section below!