275 Gallon (1000 Liter) LP Gas Yellow Bellied Sump Sucker with 3MVP Blower, 12 HP, LP Gas

Eriez Hydroflow 275 gallon (1000 liter) LP Gas Sump Cleaner features:

Cast Iron 3MP positive displacement blower coupled to a Kohler 20 HP V-Twin OHV electric start LP gas engine motor that generates 12-15” HG vacuum power with suction rates up to 100 GPM while being able to pick up chips, sludge, grinding swarf, etc, and discharge pressure of 5-7 PSI for discharge rates of up to 40 GPM

Electric normally closed high level float switch to shut motor off when unit is full

5.3 cubic foot chip basket with 800 pounds capacity with hinged trap door bottom

2 reusable poly filter sleeves for chip basket

One 3’ x 2” cleaning tool

15' long 2” diameter orange, oil-resistant suction and 1 ½” diameter discharge hoses

Heavy duty tank with 14” easy on/off manhole cleanout on end of tank

Push-around configuration, which includes center mounted 12" x 3" wheels (2) and 4" x 2" casters (2) mounted on each end and forklift brackets.

Dimensions: 82" (2082mm) long x 39" (990mm) wide x 71" (1803mm) high - Weight: approximately 1260 pounds (573kg).


Optional 25’ hoses $– Add On Price

Optional hinged chip basket lid $– Add On Price

Optional Tow package, including, non marking 8" X 3" urethane on cast iron rim swivel and rigid casters (2 each), hinged tow bar with 4" forged loop (NOTE: forklift brackets are included on standard units only; not on units with tow packages) $- Add On Price

Optional sound reduction mufflers. These mufflers lower sound levels 2-5 dba depending on what side of the unit the operator is standing. These units use no packing for sound reduction and feature a drain plug to drain any accumulated liquid in the muffler cavity. THIS OPTION IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED FOR OIL APPLICATIONS. $ – Add On Price