2013 Nursery/Landscape Practicum

2013 Nursery/Landscape Practicum

2013 Nursery/Landscape Practicum Key

Sodding Practicum

The area to be sodded contains a stone patio.

Sod rolls measure 2 feet wide by 6 feet long.

Select the answer that is most correct and fill it in on your scantron sheet.

/ 110’ /
45’ / /
/ Area to be
sodded / Stone patio
20' diameter

/ 150’

1.The back yard lawn needs to be sodded. What is the total area to be sodded?

A.1020 square yards

B.1076 square yards

C.1112 square yards

D.1134 square yards

2.The sodded area will need four inches of top soil spread evenly over the surface. How many cubic yards of soil will need to be added?

A. 15 cubic yards

B.30 cubic yards

C.45 cubic yards

D.56 cubic yards

3.How many square yards of sod must be ordered if there is 5% waste?

A.1071 square yards

B.1130 square yards

C.1166 square yards

D.1191 square yards

4.How many rolls of sod will need to be ordered?

A.875 rolls

B.894 rolls

C.850 rolls

D.804 rolls

5.What would the total cost of the sod be if it costs $1.26 per square yard?





6.After the sod is installed, air pockets should be eliminated. This is best done by:





7.Which grass is not recommended to be used in a Minnesota lawn?

A.Creeping Red Fescue

B.Perennial Rye Grass

C.Kentucky Blue Grass

D.Zoyia Grass

8.Which type of grass will do best if it is a shady area with much foot traffic?

A.Kentucky Blue Grass

B.Bermuda Grass

C.Creeping Red Fescue

D.Perennial Rye Grass

9.The sod has grown and needs to be mowed. If the plants are three inches tall what height should the mower be set for?

A.1 inch

B.1.5 inches

C.1.75 inches

D.2 inches

10.Once sod is established, what type of fertilizer should be used?

A.20 – 20 – 20

B.0 – 0 – 60

C.4 – 20 – 18

D.82 – 0 – 0


11.You have five large planters to plant. Each planter is two feet wide by three feet long. The planters need 24 inches of potting soil depth. What is the volume of soil needed for the five planters?

A.30 cubic feet

B.6 cubic feet

C.60 cubic feet

D.12 cubic feet

12.You have 10 - 3 foot diameter planters. The planters need 18 inches of planting soil depth. What is the volume of planting soil needed?

A.23 cubic feet

B.71 cubic feet

C.106 cubic feet

D.142 cubic feet

13.For the 15 planters in questions 11 and 12, how many yards of potting soil would you need to order? (Round up to nearest ½ yard.)

A.4 cubic yards

B.6.5 cubic yards

C.13 cubic yards

D.16.5 cubic yards

14.If the cost of potting soil is $30 for a cubic yard, how much will it cost to fill the 15 planters with potting soil?





15.Artificial potting soil is used instead of top soil to start plants because it is:


B.more fertile

C.disease free


16.Which component lowers the pH of the potting mix?

A.peat moss



D.composted bark

17.What is added to the potting soil to correct an acid pH level?





For questions 18-20 use the following information:

The potting soil mix contains: 70% peat moss

20% perlite

5% vermiculite

5% composted bark

18.How many cubic feet of peat moss would be contained in one cubic yard of potting soil?

A.19 cubic feet

B.21 cubic feet

C.24 cubic feet

D.26 cubic feet

19.Square pots measuring 3 inches high and 4 inches wide will be used to grow geraniums. Each pot is filled to the top before planting. How many cubic feet of potting soil will be needed to fill 180 pots?

A.4 cubic feet

B.5 cubic feet

C.6 cubic feet

D.7 cubic feet

20.The potting soil costs $2.89 per cubic foot. How much would the potting soil cost for each pot?

A.$ .04

B.$ .06

C.$ .08

D.$ .10