2006 Children's Peace Education and Community Enrichment Center, Inc

2006 Children's Peace Education and Community Enrichment Center, Inc

© 2006 Children's Peace Education And Community Enrichment Center, Inc


Instructor: Andria and James Melham, Children's PEACE Center


An Introduction to building peacemaking skills, 2nd-5th grade

Cost = $9.00 a session, 8 sessions, $72.00 Class per student

Session One = Effective Communication - Developing Good Listening Skills,

Understanding what you hear, Developing better Verbal Skills

Participants will learn the importance of listening, and their listening skills will be enhanced through giving and receiving oral directions. This will be done utilizing various games and sharing. A Pre-Test can be done if desired and okayed.

Session Two = Relationships - Participants will demonstrate through discussion, activities,

puppets, role-plays and games the importance of building good relationships.

Teamwork will be emphasized.

Session Three = Ethics - Learning from Mistakes, Overcoming Poor Decisions.

Participants will demonstrate, through discussion and creativity a knowledge of the difference between honesty and dishonesty, learn that the mistakes they make affect them but they can avoid making harmful mistakes or poor decisions.

Session Four = Accepting Consequences - Better Decision Making

Participants will discover that being “talked into something” is the same thing as choosing something, and that each person is responsible for his or her own choices. Through team discussions and role-plays, participants will have the opportunity to share the reasons behind the choices they make and identify possible consequences.

Session Five = Getting Along With Others - Feelings, Peers and Peer Pressure,

Sticking to What’s Right(Golden Rule)

Participants will develop skill in recognizing and expressing feelings, maintaining friendships, identify good and bad peer pressure through games and role-plays. They will make a “Golden Rule” to keep.

Session Six = Anger/Conflict Management, Violence Prevention

Participants will learn anger management techniques, nonviolent behaviors to be used at home and in their communities, and how understanding and respecting others’ feelings are necessary for decreasing the potential for violence. Steps to Conflict Resolution will be introduced, along with I-Statements. They will create their own Anger Management Chart, and develop their own Puppet Play or Drama to be presented at the next session.

Session Seven = Conflict Resolution

Participants will present their puppet play or act out their drama for others in attendance. Older participants can present to younger ones, younger to parents.

Session Eight = Review

Participants will review the various concepts of peacemaking. A Post-Test can be presented if desired and okayed. Participants will compile a booklet of their papers and create a chart of peacemaking skills.

Optional Content Replacement = Dealing with Bullies