2. Open Pictograms Power Point


1.  Download either vertical or horizontal version (choose based on existing sign holders) of Lab Sign.

2.  Open Pictograms Power point.

3.  Copy and paste symbols appropriate for your lab from Power point slide into signage template.

4.  In text box under symbol you can type in specific hazards found in your lab.

5.  If lab uses radiation the Radiation symbol needs to be put on the sign.

6.  If lab uses Biohazardous Materials the Biohazard symbol has to be put on the sign and the appropriate Biosafety level i.e. BSL 1 or BSL 2 has to be typed into the text box below the symbol.

7.  If you have unused boxes (both picture and text) you can edit them so they are no longer visible by "right clicking the grey box, click 'format shape,' and set Fill to No Fill, and close the dialogue box."

8.  Choose the appropriate Requirement messages from pull down menu. You can add your own by choosing “Edit” in the pull down menu and then typing in your specific message.

9.  Fill in Emergency Contacts section with 24hr emergency contacts for your lab.

10.  Fill in the Update date.

11.  Print on color printer if available.

12.  Post on Laboratory door and other rooms as applicable.

13.  You can remove BSL and Radiation signage from your lab door when you post this sign. Radiation signage can be disposed of in your dry waste bin.