1.TTO Size and Scope

1.TTO Size and Scope


Application Form:
Organisational Excellence in Innovation Management
Definition of Innovation Management:
The provision and management of support services to progress potential innovation projects from the earliest stages of development until they reach the marketplace. The range of activities to support researchers responsible for the technical development of innovations is vast, from researching market trends, facilitating intellectual property protection, to seeking industrial partners, actively driving the delivery of project milestones and negotiating the commercial engagements needed to create value for all stakeholders involved.
Please note that the term TTO is used below for convenience.However, this award applies to the section/department/company that manages innovation and technology transfer for the organisation.
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1.TTO Size and Scope

Describe the size of your TTO and scope of operations. Include role, functions and activities covered by the TTO, including roles beyond those traditionally included in technology transfer such as managinggrants and contracts, etc.

(Word limit 200)

2.TTO Environment

Provide a brief history and context of your organisation and TTO by describing, for example:
  • The environment in which it operates (e.g. remote location, multiple distant campuses that are served, a regional office, etc.);
  • Key challenges faced;
  • Progress has been made in recent years (e.g. growth in team, initiatives, services, etc.).

(Word limit 400)

3.Noteworthy achievements and Impactwithin your Organisation

Please indicate specific initiatives and interventions that the TTO has developed and implemented within your organisation during 2017.This could be one significant initiative or several smaller ones in different areas.Further describe the interventions or initiatives undertaken by the TTO over a period of time that has resulted in creating a significant impact in building, encouraging and championing innovation within your organisation. It should be noted that the award is not seeking to award outputs (e.g. licences, start-ups), but rather creative and impactful approaches that you have deployed to increase the TTO’s impact (which would ultimately lead to more outputs per year). Such interventions may include awareness raising, interaction with faculty, management of IP, licensing / technology commercialisation support / industry engagement, some really successful commercialisation effort, etc. Ensure that you emphasize the role of the TTO and where possible quantify the impact using supporting metrics.

(Word limit 400)

4.Impact in Innovation Management beyond your own Organisation

Discuss ways in which your TTO and/or staff have made an impact in the innovation management community beyond your own institution.This should include sharing knowledge of best practiceswith the broader community.

(Word limit 300)


Submit your fully completed application form in MSWord format to with Subject Line: Excellence Awards – ‘(name of organisation)’

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