1) Jayson and His Brother Eddie Were Arguing While Eating Pizza for Dinner. Jayson Said

1) Jayson and His Brother Eddie Were Arguing While Eating Pizza for Dinner. Jayson Said

1) Jayson and his brother Eddie were arguing while eating pizza for dinner. Jayson said that he was going to eat of the pizza and Eddie said that he was going to eat . Who is eating a larger amount? Explain your answer or show your work.

Their pieces are equal. If you find a common denominator you will see that is the same as . Or you could draw a picture or use benchmark fractions.

2) Tom makes a cake for a class party. The recipe calls for cup of orange juice and cup of water. Can Tom use a one-cup container to hold both the orange juice and water at the same time? Explain your thinking and show your work.

No, because when you add you get 1 , which is more than 1.

3) Sara and Harry are putting together a puzzle. Sara put together of the puzzle pieces. Harry put together of the puzzle pieces. What fraction of the total number of puzzle pieces has NOT been used?

of the pieces

4) At my birthday party the girls ate of a pizza and the boys ate of a pizza. How much pizza was eaten at my party?

of a pizza

5) I bought a gallon of paint, but only used . How much paint do I have left?

or of a gallon

6) A cookie recipe calls for cup of white flour and cup of whole-wheat flour. How much flour do I need to make the cookies?

1 cups

7) During a pie eating contest Jake ate of a pie and Sammy ate . How much pie did they eat all together?

1 pie

8) I ate of a chocolate bar and gave my sister the rest. How much did she get to eat?

of a bar

9) Suzanne’s bus route is of a mile long. The bus has already traveled of a mile of the route so far. How many miles does the bus have left to travel on Suzanne’s bus route?

of a mile

10) Bobby jogged of a mile on Monday and mile on Tuesday. How much farther did Bobby jog on Monday than on Tuesday?

or miles

11) During tutorial, Jarod ate 2 bags of pretzels and Nicholas ate 1 bags. How much more did Jarod eat?

or of a bag

12) Mrs. Teacher was correcting a student’s paper and noticed that the student answered a question incorrectly.

 Find the mistake in the student’s response

 Explain how to correctly answer the question

 Show your work or explain your answer

The student added the denominators together, which you should never do. He should list the multiples of 3 & 6, find the LCM, and then write equivalnet fractions. The answer should be + = = 1 = 1

13) In the morning, Julie rides her bike from the sports complex to the school. In the afternoon, she rides from the school to the mall, and then to Kyle’s house. How far does Julie ride her bike? She rode her bike 1 miles.

14) Thelma spent of her weekly allowance on dog toys, on a dog collar, and on dog food. What fraction of her weekly allowance is left?

She has of her allowance left.

15) Aaron is practicing for triatholon. On Sunday, he bikes 2 miles and swims

5 miles. On Monday, he runs 6 miles. How many total miles does Aaron cover on those two days?

He covered 14 miles.