1. Answer All Questions in This Packet Including the Fill in the Blank 10 Points

Portfolio Guidelines

1.  Answer all questions in this packet including the fill in the blank 10 points

2.  Define all key terms, events and people (blue words) 15 points

3.  Create a timeline of the key events that took place between 1790-1825. Along with the timeline draw pictures and give a brief summary of the events. You may use the timeline on page 328-329 as a reference but, add information/pictures to the existing timeline. 15 points

4.  Use the US map provided to outline routes to the west, transportation routes, major geographical features (mountains, rivers, etc.), Native American lands, Lands controlled by other countries, places of interest with a summary, and bold sectional areas along with its respective leader. Create a legend to display this content. 15 points

5.  Use the Latin America map provided to outline revolutions, who controlled the area prior to independence. Create a legend to display the content. 10 points

6.  Answer the discussion questions at the conclusion of this packet using your book as a guide. Each question should be at least 4 sentences and accurately detail the answer. 25 points

7.  Place all materials to complete the portfolio in a folder (manila or colored folder, hole punched) or stapled. The cover page should include attractive, colorful, cover page with a drawing that accurately displays the content in the chapter along with the title of the chapter. 10 points

Chapter 11 Title______

Dates ______to ______

1.  The Industrial ______

2.  ______Move Westward

3.  ______and ______

4.  New ______in the ______

In 3 Sentences or less explain what you think this chapter includes. What section do feel will be the most interesting to you?

Do feel the content in this chapter is important to the development of your knowledge of American History?

Does any of the material you examined while finding the answer to the fill in the blank above make you want to purse further information on these topics?

On page 335, there is a caption that talks about “Growing Cities,” Do you feel that Memphis, our closest metropolitan area developed like the cities in the passage?

Section 1


1.  Indentify the ______and explain its effect on the US.

2.  Explain why ______, MA was called a ______factory ______.

3.  Describe life in early factories.

4.  Summarize the impact the Industrial ______had on ______cities.

Define Key Terms

Industrial Revolution

Spinning Jenny



Factory System

Interchangeable Parts

Lowell Girls


Section 1


Where & when did the Industrial Revolution begin?

How did the Industrial Revolution change the way goods were produced?

Who was James Hargreaves and what did the do in 1764?

-______flowing downstream over a waterfall turned a wheel that produced power to run machines in ______.

- People who worked in the ______or mills gained a daily ______.

-  ______wanted to keep their technology a secret so other nations would not copy their machines so they passed laws forbidding anyone from taking machines out of the country.

-  Samuel ______was a skilled British mechanic and decided to get a huge America ______for giving designs to make machines.

-  He ______the design to machines in mills so in 1789 he went to ______and shared this information

After Slater, made it to America he got in contact with who?

Where was the first successful textile mill created thanks to Slater? What advantage did this mill have over other mills thanks to Slater’s wife?

Who laughed at Eli Whitney’s idea of interchangeable parts? How did he change their minds?

Who combined the idea of spinning and weaving under one roof?

What was people’s opinion of Lowell, Massachusetts?

Why did factories hire only women and children to work in the mills?

Section 2


1.  Describe how ______traveled west.

2.  List the steps Americans took to improve ______.

3.  Explain how ______and ______improved transportation for Americans.

Define Key Terms



Lancaster Turnpike

Corduroy Road

National Road


Erie Canal


Main Idea: Improvements in ______in the first half on the ______s helped make it ______to move people and ______in the expanding nation.

Section 2


Why was travel difficult in the 1800s for people?

What type(s) of transportation did people use?

Draw a picture of either a stage coach or a flatboat

What was the purpose of a flat boat? What about a stage coach?

Between 1792 and _____ western territories had population booms that created ___ new states. What were the states the were formed?

How did companies pay for gravel or stone roads?

How long did it take to build the National Road?

What changed people’s mind about steam transportation?

Section 3


1.  Discuss ______’s impact in the Era of ______.

2.  Explain how ______helped industry after the war ended.

3.  Describe ______Clay’s American System.

4.  Explain how the Supreme Court gave more ______to the ______govt.

Define Key Terms


American System

Internal Improvements

McCulloch vs. Maryland

Gibbons vs. Ogden


-  ______Monroe easily defeated Senator Rufus King of ______.

-  Americans were fond of President Monroe’s ______-______ways.

-  While Monroe was President a newspaper coined the phrase an “era of good feelings,” what did this mean?

-  John C. Calhoun from ______was the leader of the South.

-  ______Webster from ______was the leader of the ______.

-  Henry Clay of ______was the leader of the West.

-  Since the Bank of the ______charter ran out the ______suffered.

-  Why did Congress charter a second bank? What did the bank do?

-  What 4 things did Congress and the President do in order to help American businesses grow?

-  Henry Clay had a bright idea to use the money from tariffs to build ______, ______, and ______.

-  Why did the South oppose Clay’s American System?

-  What did Chief Justice John Marshall do to strengthen the American economy?

Draw a political cartoon of a topic we discussed in this section.

Section 4


1.  Explain how ______American nations won independence and became ______.

2.  Describe how the US gained ______.

3.  Explain the purpose of the ______Doctrine.

Define Key Terms


Republic of Great Colombia

United Provinces of Central America

Negro Fort

Monroe Doctrine



How did Mexico gain its independence?

Who was Simon Bolivar? Explain who he helped and what he did.

Who was Jose’ de San Martin? Explain who helped and what he did.

What was different about the way Brazil gained independence from Portugal?

-  Spain’s former colonies modeled their ______on that of the ______.

-  Why were many new Latin American counties not able to sustain stable governments?

-  How did the US go about gaining Florida?

-  Florida was a ______to enslaved ______Americans.

-  How did African Americans living near the Seminoles get the name “Black Seminoles?”

-  The Monroe Doctrine stated that the US would oppose any attempt to build new ______in the Americas.

-  What warning did Monroe give to European nations wanting to regain control of newly independent nations in Latin America?

Final Chapter 11 Questions for Discussion

(typed or handwritten on another sheet of paper)

1. Analyze the effects of the Industrial Revolution on the United States. Then, explain the economic changes it brought to the nation, its impact on women and daily life, and its impact on population trends.

2. Explain how transportation improvements in the United States in the early 1800s were important to economic development.

3. Describe two ways in which Congress helped the American economy grow after the War of 1812. Explain how one of these ways increased tensions between the North and the South.

4. Explain how the Monroe Doctrine changed the way the United States dealt with foreign powers.