1) 20 Push-Ups- You Can Break It up Into 4 Sets of 5. (On Your Feet Or Knees)

1) 20 Push-Ups- You Can Break It up Into 4 Sets of 5. (On Your Feet Or Knees)

Day 1


1) 20 push-ups- you can break it up into 4 sets of 5. (on your feet or knees)

2) 3-way hip movement: lay down on your back with your legs straight, and lift each leg in the air 10 times. Then lie on your side and lift each leg 10 times, then lay on your stomach, and then lay on your other side (10 times each leg in each position. So a total of 80 leg lifts).

3) Run up stairs 10 times (or for 2 minutes).

4) Jump rope- 3 minutes

5) Alternating leg lunge (step forward into a lunge, alternating legs)- 15 times each leg


1) Quads: stand on one leg, grab other foot and pull your foot to your butt. Count to 15 seconds for each leg.

2) Hamstrings and back: stand with your legs spread apart (a little farther apart than shoulder-width), and bend over to touch the ground. Then lean to the left and then right, trying to touch your toes. Hold 15 seconds in each position.

3) Sides: Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, and reach with one arm over your head to the opposite side. Hold 15 seconds each side.

4) Chest: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, put your hands together behind your back (near your butt). Try to pull stretch your hands down (you should feel it in your chest).

5) Shoulders: Simply swing your arms forwards and back (to loosen up your shoulders). 15 seconds.

-Once your shoulders are loose, grab your elbow with your opposite hand behind your head, and hold for 10 seconds each side.

Work Out:

1) Swing kicks: Grab a chair (that is up to your mid-thigh). Stand behind it, slightly to the right. Kick/ swing your left leg over it, and once your left leg touches the ground (it should land behind the chair, slightly to the left), kick your right leg the same way. (you should end up to the back/ left of the chair). Then repeat, now starting on the left side. (So you would kick/ swing your right leg over the chair, with it landing on the ground on the back/ right of the chair. Then kick/swing your left leg…. With your feet landing together). 2 sets of 8. (each time both legs swing over the chair, that is 1). Try to do this as fast as you can. (This works your hip-flexors and stomach).

2) Squat-Pick up/ Switch: Start in a squat (legs a little farther than shoulder-width apart), touching the ground with your front hand. Then jump and turn 180 degrees (1/2 circle), and land in a squat (facing the other direction). Touch the ground with your front hand (should be your right hand when your right foot is in front, and then left hand when your left foot is in front). 8 each direction (so 16 squats total)

3) Circle run- Place a chair in front of you on the floor, and simply run circles around it, keeping your chest/ body forward. Take small and quick steps. Run around it 8 times going counter-clockwise, then 8 times going clockwise.

4) Jump lunge: Start in a lunge, jump up and switch legs in the air, landing with the opposite foot in front (landing in a lunge), then jump and switch legs again. 8 each leg.

5) Walking in a squat position: Bend low in a lunge, with your feet wide apart. Take small steps forward (like you are walking). Take 4 steps forward and 4 steps back. Do this 8 times.

6) Calf raises: 15 each (in 3 directions). 3 directions- 1) toes forward (like normal). 2) toes pointing inward (pigeon-toed). 3) toes pointing out.

Chest/ Back/ Abs:

1) Push-ups: 20 (again… Sorry! Ha)

2) Superwoman lifts: (for your back). Lie on your stomach, with your arms over your head and your legs straight. Lift your feet and arms up, and hold for 5 seconds. Then relax for 3 seconds. Set of 10 (so lift your legs and hands 10 times)

3) Chair dips: Sit on the end of a chair (a sturdy one), with your arms straight and hands on the end of it (by your butt). Straighten your legs and arms, lifting your butt off of the chair. Lean a little forward so your butt is slightly in front of the chair. Then dip your body down (bending your arms and pushing yourself up with our arms). Uses your triceps. 20 total (you can break it up into 4 sets of 5. You can also bend your legs if it is too difficult).

4) Superman lifts (again)

5)Planks. (for abs). Get in a push-up position, with your elbows on the ground (instead of your arms). Hold for 30 seconds, then rest for 30 seconds. Do this 4 times.

(Do these exercises (1-5 in this section) 2 times each.)