Rubric for Evaluating Poetry

Rubric for Evaluation of Poetry.Student Rubric.Teacher Rubric.Poetic Language.Sandra Falconer Pace, adapted from T. Loftsgard, September 2002

Materials (Include Activity Sheets And/ Or Supporting Resources) s13

Instructional Activity 3 AD4-Gr3-Unit1-Lesson2 Page 1 of 5.Materials (include activity sheets and/ or supporting resources).Show Me Standards: Performance Goals (check one or more that apply and identify relevant process standards)

Lesson Theme: Families Week 7 (Treasures Unit 1 Week 3)

Kindergarten LA Lesson.Lesson Theme: Families Week 7 (Treasures Unit 1 Week 3).ãAustin ISD K Department, 2014/ 2015 Page 1

Finding the Area of a Triangle Teaching Notes

Finding the Area of a Triangle Teaching Notes.KNOW: Students will know that the area of a triangle can be calculated using a formula.Students will know that there is a relationship between the area of a triangle and the area of a rectangle

Tentative Syllabus for Elementary Language Arts, LAE 4314

Literature for Children.LAE 3414- Spring 2013 UCF.* The instructor reserves the right to revise the syllabus as needed at any time!.Department: The School of Teaching, Learning & Leadership.Instructor: Lee-Anne T. Spalding.Education Complex- Suite 322-B

Definition of Scoring Rubric

Definition of Scoring Rubric.Rubrics are rating scales that are specifically used with performance assessments. They are formally defined as scoring guides, consisting of specific pre-established performance criteria, used in evaluating student work

Unit 1: Describing Objects

Unit 1: Describing Objects.Unit Description.This unit is designed to incorporate tasks that will introduce the student to the five senses and develop a heightened awareness of the world around them. The unit focuses on using four of the five senses (hearing