Working with Microsoft Word 2013

Working with Microsoft Word 2013.The following new features of Word 2013 are covered in this lesson.New Start Screen.Quick Access Toolbar.New Save As Screen.Export a Document to PDF.Template Options in Backstage.Learning Objectives.Students will learn to.Work with Onscreen Tools.Open Backstage

Title of the Project s1

In a company where the hierarchy of employees spans over thousand managing the work with them is a difficult job. And in an environment where number of jobs is done simultaneously picking the right person for the job is also difficult task, as you are

Using the Example RSS Spreadsheet

Using the example RSS spreadsheet.Contents Page.1. Where is the RSS spread sheet used? 1.2. Producing a Technical Construction File using the RSS Spreadsheet 2.2.1 Always agree the use of an RSS spreadsheet with your EMC Competent Body well in advance 2.2.2 Identifying the EMC Environment. 2

Microsoft Word Template s1

Microsoft Word Template.for WIT Press Conference papers.The template has been designed to assist you in correctly formatting your paper.It will make the job much easier for you, but due to certain limitations it is important that you use it in conjunction

Microsoft Word Template

Microsoft Word Template

Microsoft Word Template.for WIT Press Quarto size books.Type area 202mm deep by 135mm wide.The template has been designed to assist you in correctly formatting your paper or chapter

1984 Collaboration on Google Drive

1984 Collaboration on Google Drive.Form a team of 3-4 to collaborate through Google Drive on assigned chapters in 1984.Create a slide show to teach the class the relevant aspects of your chapters through rich literary analysis

UTA Functional Specification

Functional Analysis.Technical Analysis (IT Use Only).Review and Approval History (Original Modification Request).Modification Documentation.Criteria for Modification Request.Please check the appropriate categories to indicate the business justification for this modification request

<Project Name

<Project Name.Customer Name.Directions for using template.Read the Guidance (Arial blue font in brackets) to understand the information that should be placed in each section of this template. Then delete the Guidance and replace the placeholder within

Exercise #11 - Sharing a Folder and Assigning Permissions

Class:FO91B NetDiag 15/10/09.Exercise #11 - Sharing a Folder and Assigning Permissions.The goal of this lab is to share a folder on a Windows XX host. You will set folder share permissions and NTFS permissions. These permissions will control access to

Core Component Overview

ebXML Core Components May 2001.Core Component Overview.ebXML Core Components.1 Status of this Document.This Technical Report document has been approved by the Core Component Project Team and has been accepted by the ebXML Plenary

1) Typography the Style, Arrangement, and Appearance of Text

UNPACKED CONTENT.1) Typography the style, arrangement, and appearance of text.a) Typeface the basic design of a character.b) Typeface Categories.i.) Serif the characters have serifs or strokes on the tips.1) Easier to read in large bodies of printed text.b) Times New Roman

Document Version Control Log

DOCUMENT VERSION CONTROL LOG.Earned Value Management (EVM) is one of the Department of Defense s (DoD) and industry's most powerful program management tools. Government and industry program managers use EVM to assess cost, schedule and technical progress

System and Software Architecture Description s1

System and Software Architecture Description (SSAD) Version 3.0.System and Software Architecture Description (SSAD).United Directed Marketing.Fall Semester.Chun-Ling Chen Project manager/ Prototyper.Chun-Pei Su Lifecycle Planner.Shao-yen Cheng System Architect.Yuan-Chang Chang Feasibility Analyst

Common Internet File System (CIFS) Browser Protocol

Common Internet File System (CIFS) Browser Protocol.Intellectual Property Rights Notice for Open Specifications Documentation.Technical Documentation. Microsoft publishes Open Specifications documentation for protocols, file formats, languages, standards

Digital Audio Protection

Digital Audio Protection - 3.Digital Audio Protection.This paper includes information about Windows Media Center capabilities in Windows Vista Home Premium and Windows Vista Ultimate editions. It provides guidelines for independent hardware vendors (IHVs)

I. Recommended Layout for Report

IS341 Project Requirements.I. Recommended layout for report.B. Table of Contents.a. Describe Firm.b. Describe Problem.c. Assumptions there are always assumptions.2. Describe Project/Problem.3. Alternatives one alternative should always be do nothing.6. Conclusion what was learned