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DISTINCTIVENESS, COERCION AND SONORITY.A UNIFIED THEORY OF WEIGHT.Bruce Timothy Morén.Dissertation submitted to the Faculty of the Graduate School of the.University of Maryland at College Park in partial fulfillment.of the requirements for the degree of.Doctor of Philosophy.Advisory Committee

Anthro 36703: Life and Death in Anthropological Perspective

Anthropology 3XX: Life and Death in Anthropological Perspective.Rocío Magana, Assistant Professor.Life and Death in Anthropological Perspective.Rocío Magaña, Ph.D. Office: Ruth Adams Building Room 312.Assistant Professor Phone: 848-932-4106.Department of Anthropology magana(at)rugters.edu

Fieldwork in Cultural Anthropology

Fieldwork in Cultural Anthropology.Fall 2007, Davenport 109.Nancy Abelmann.In an emergency, 328-5763, home number.230a International Studies Building (Center for East Asian and Pacific Studies), 910 S. 5th St, (please arrange meetings with Lucretia Williams, 333-7273 or )

Seminar on the Relevance of Population Aspects for the Achievement of the Millennium Development

EGYPT NATIONAL SEMINAR ON CENSUS DATA ANALYSIS.Table of contents.Objective of the national seminar 3.Opening session 3.Population Projections 4.(a) Measurement of the Wealth Index 5.(b) Challenges of calculating the Wealth index 6