PSYC 466-001, Psychology of Intimate Relationships

PSYC 466-001 Syllabus.PSYC 466-001, Psychology of Intimate Relationships.Instructor: Alexander Afram, M.A.Class Location: Robinson Hall B224.Office Hours: Thursdays, 6-7pm, or by appointment in Aquia 337.Mailbox: Graduate Student Mailboxes, David King Hall 2nd Floor.Course Objectives

Answer the Following Questions As You Watch

Dr. Philip Zimbardo Video.If absent watch it here.Answer the following questions as you watch.a. your consciousness of your own identity.b. how others see you.c. the interaction of others and your environment.Part I. Psychodynamic Theory: Sigmund Freud

Sigmund Freud: the Interpretation of Dreams (1900)

Sigmund Freud: The Interpretation of Dreams (1900).Dreams are not comparable to the spontaneous sounds made by a musical instrument struck rather by some external force than by the hand of a performer; they are not meaningless, not absurd, they do not

Characteristics of a Psychological Test Or Measuring Procedure

Characteristics of a psychological test or measuring procedure.Answers to the questions.How do I know if I have a good test or not?.What makes a good test?.Is this a good test?.There are (only) two primary measures of test quality

Psy 518 Applied Behavior Analysis Reading List Spring 2006

Psy 518 Applied Behavior Analysis Reading List Spring 2006.Instructor: Dr. Ruth Hurst.Office location: Rm 110J, Soc & Beh Sciences Building.Phone: 910-962-4057 e-mail: web page: 1 (Jan 18) Reading List.What is Applied Behavior Analysis?.Just review this chapter

Lecture Opener Suggestions s1

LECTURE OPENER SUGGESTIONS.Opening quotes.The brain is wider than the sky. Emily Dickinson, 1830 1886.Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. Albert Einstein, 1879 1955.Opening artworks

Chapter 19: Group Interaction

Chapter 19: Group Interaction.Exploring Psychology Reading.I. What are Groups.Group A collection of people who interact, share common goals and influence how members think and act.Members are interdependent.Interaction is the key factor in forming a group

Personality Development

Personality Development.ü In each stage a person faces certain conflicts and challenges.ü People must modify their personalities in order to adjust successfully to their social environments.ü This process begins in childhood.ü It is greatly influenced by the parents attitudes and actions

Study Guide for the Final Exam

Study Guide for the Final Exam.1. Know the five dimensions of the five factor personality model. Be able to DEFINE EACH CATEGORY!.2. Know the definition of temperament.3. Please study Freud s theory of personality. The ID, EGO, and SUPEREGO. Know the functions of each component

Name of Intervention

Name of Intervention.Token Economy.A method by which students earn tokens or points for behavior, they can exchange for a tangible item, the opportunity to interact with others, or a special activity. (

Sweet Old Things and Dirty Old Men

Sweet Old Things and Dirty Old Men.In recent years the field of Aging Studies has turned increasingly to representations of aging, frailty, and dementia in literature, drama, and autobiography as grounds for exploring the applicability of concepts of

PSYC 326 Behavioral Neuroscience Fall 2008 Page 1

PSYC 326 Behavioral Neuroscience Fall 2008 Page 1.This course is an introduction to the biological bases of behavior. We will use the topic of learning and memory as a theme to go into depth into the observations and psychological concepts (the behavior

Base Settings: Brownstone Default

Import Settings.Base Settings: Brownstone Default.Information Field: Difficulty.Information Field: Feedback.Chapter: Chapter 08: Memory.Multiple Choice.1. If you are introduced to a group of individuals for the first time and you want to be able to address

Memory Is Learning That Persist

MEMORY IS LEARNING THAT PERSISTS.1. Negative self-concept: we think of ourselves forgetting things.2. We have not learned the material well.If something is to be retained, it must be correctly, clearly and forcibly impressed on the mind