James L. Buschman, Ph.D

James L. Buschman, Ph.D.4872 Valley View Road.I bring over 25 years of an international career in academic administration to the field of translation, in which I have now worked fulltime for three years. My positions in international education have always

Robust Vocabulary Development

Bringing Words to Life: Developing Robust Vocabulary.Developed by Jane Cook and Donna Drasch.EASTCONN Staff Development Specialists.Developing Robust Vocabulary Handout Page 7.Robust Vocabulary Development.Based on the work of Isabel Beck, Margaret G. McKeown and Linda Kucan in

1. Ponderous: Adjective Boring Or Dull

The Scarlet Letter.1. Ponderous: adjective boring or dull.2. Congenial: adjective pleasant and enjoyable.3. Physiognomy: noun a person s facial features.4. Venerable: adjective old and respected.5. Purport: noun the meaning of something.6. Interpose: verb to interrupt a conversation or come between

J Unit: Six (No Man Is an Island)

J Unit: Six (No man is an island).J Level: Second years.J Streams: All streams.J Course: Reported speech, questions and commands.Reporting statements with the introductory verb in the present and/or future tenses.Reporting statements with the introductory verb in the past tense

The Yellow Pages

THE YELLOW PAGES (updated 8/13).2013-2014 - everything you always wanted to know about AP English IV, but were afraid to ask!.Table of Contents.THE YELLOW PAGES (2013-2014).Mrs. Abby Ray, East View High School