Common Services Agency

Common Services Agency

Of Optometrist Practitioner Contactor Database Working Group.Held on Thursday 29 January at MacKenzie Building, Dundee.In attendance: Linda Bunney, Andrew Barrett, Marion Brooksbank, Joan Forrest , Cath Stevenson, Alexandra De Franco, David Greig, Jane

From 1999 Until 2005 Hanson Served As President and CEO of Appalachian Regional Healthcare

Stephen C. Hanson, FACHE, senior executive vice president for system growth and integration, is an industry veteran with more than 30 years of health care leadership experience. He joined Texas Health as executive vice president of operations in 2005

Critical Access Hospital Health Information Technology Network Grant

Critical Access Hospital Health Information Technology Network Grant

GRANT OPPORTUNITY.Critical Access Hospital Health Information Technology Network Grant.CAH HIT Network.Criteria based on HRSA s 2007 CAH HIT Network Grant.Instructions and Application Forms.Proposal Submission Due Date.Application Submission Due Date.Instructions and Application Forms


LESLIE HENDRICKSON, PhD.141 Robert E. Lee Blvd New Orleans, LA 71024.SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATONS.30 years of Medicaid experience.As Assistant Commissioner in New Jersey managed 250 staff and budgets of Medicaid long-term care programs

Risk and Technical Assessment Report Application A1077

Supporting Document 1.Risk and Technical Assessment Report Application A1077.Fungal Chitosan as a Processing Aid.Executive Summary.This Application seeks approval to use fungal chitosan as a processing aid for the production of wine, beer, cider, spirits

The Patient Participation Group (PPG)

The Patient Participation Group.Minutes of the meeting held on.At Sunbury Health Centre.Present: Elleke Carling (EC), Brian Catt (BC), Dr Canniff (CC), Polly Healy (PH), Diana Huntingford (DH, Minutes), Neil Huntingford (NH), Dorothy Linter (DL), Varsha

Children S Therapy Service Referral Form

Children s Therapy Service Referral Form.Please return the completed form to: Children s Therapy Service, Solent NHS Trust, Better Care Centre (The Orchard Centre) William Macleod Way, Southampton, SO16 4XE.Email: , ensuring the referral form is sent from an email account

Customer Name, Street Address, City, State, Zip Code s18

Customer Name, Street Address, City, State, Zip code.Phone number, Alt. phone number, Fax number, e-mail address, web site.Restrictive Cardiomyopathy.a Type of Heart-Muscle Disease

Moderator: Bob Metzger

Moderator: Bob Metzger.Moderator: Bob Metzger.OPERATOR: This is Conference #: 8539272AVILA.Operator: Good day everyone.The National Religious Retirement Office and Avila Institute of Gerontology are pleased to present this online education program entitled

Decontamination Plan

DECONTAMINATION PLAN.To provide guidance when a patient(s) presents to UMMC who has been contaminated with a known or unknown chemical, biological or radiological agent and decontamination is required

How Important Are Fluids?

Fluids and Hydration.How important are fluids?.Fluid replacement is probably the most important nutritional concern for athletes. Approximately 60% of your body weight is water. As you exercise, fluid is lost through your skin as sweat and through your

Ruth Brubaker Rimmer

Ruth Brubaker Rimmer, PhD, CLCP.2145 East Glencove.Doctor of Philosophy - Arizona State University August 2002.Lifespan Developmental Psychology.Summa Cum Laude.GPA - 4.0 - Phi Kappa Phi.Masters of Arts - Arizona State University - May 2000.Lifespan Developmental Psychology.Summa Cum Laude

Why We Sleep

Why We Sleep You may think it's for your body, but it's really for your brain. The latest research is full of surprises By CHRISTINE GORMAN.Maybe you have a big report due first thing in the morning. Or you're trying to deliver a truckload of fish before

Onabotulinumtoxina in the Treatment of Overactive Bladder: a Cost-Effectiveness Analysis

Freemantle et al CONFIDENTIAL 20 July 2015.OnabotulinumtoxinA in the treatment of overactive bladder: a cost-effectiveness analysis versus best supportive care in England and Wales.Nick Freemantle,1 Kristin Khalaf,2 Clara Loveman,3 Sanja Stanisic,4 Dmitry Gultyaev,5 Johanna Lister,5 Marcus Drake6

Burbank Unified School District

TO: Principals/Site Administrators.FROM: Lori Larson.Human Resources.SUBJECT: SITE VOLUNTEERS 2013-2014.As you know, all volunteers that participate in school-related activities must comply with State and County-mandated tuberculosis examination requirements

Procurement of CMW Kits for MNCH Programme, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa