Model No-Harassment Policy

Model No-Harassment Policy

CAUTION: The following is a generic no-harassment policy based primarily on federal law. Anyone using it should consult with applicable state and local laws, and customize it as needed, taking into account state and local law, the company s size and

Connecticut State Certification Committee

Connecticut State Certification Committee.Berlin Town Hall.Chairperson Lisa Valenti called the meeting to order at 9:55 a.m. In attendance were Lisa Valenti, North Branford TC; Eunice DiBella, Public Records Administrator; Marguerite Phillips, Bloomfield TC; and Kate Wall, Berlin TC

Key Six Award at the Adult Leaders Recognition Dinner in June

Each year at the District Awards Dinner, several adult scouters in the Old Dominion District are recognized for their outstanding contributions to scouting with local units and/or the Old Dominion District with Presentation of the Key Six Award. Previous

21St Century COE Program, University of the Ryukyus

International Summer Program.The 21st Century COE Program, University of the Ryukyus, provides an international summer program to approximately ten international students for 1.5 2 months every year. Studies carried out during the program focus on the

Supplemental Materials s1

Supplemental Materials s1

Supplemental Materials.Structural imaging analysis.The structural data included in this study has been published previously as part of a larger study of white and gray matter structures in antipsychotic and mood-stabilizer-naïve individuals with BD II/NOS

New Jersey Department of Human Services s2

Monthly Communicator.New Jersey Department of Human Services.Division of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.DDHH Opens Second Demonstration Center.The NJ Division of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DDHH) proudly announces the opening of the second Assistive Device

End of Part 5 - Hickory-Times-Mecury, August 21, 1901

End of Part 5 - Hickory-Times-Mecury, August 21, 1901.Elias Yoder, the fourth son of Conrad Yoder, was born Oct. 31st, 1777.and married Utilla Hahn, an aunt of Christian Hahn of Hickory.township. After his marriage he settled on a portion of land inherited

Engaging Families: Supporting Students from Cradle to Career, Volume III, Issue 2, Fall

Supporting Students from Cradle to Career.Volume III, Issue 2 Fall 2013.Back-to-School Bus Tour.Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and senior ED officials began the fourth back-to-school bus tour Sept. 9. The tour from Sept. 9-12, themed Strong Start

Notes for a Parish Profile

NOTES FOR A PARISH PROFILE.PARISH OF BOMBAY-POKENO.Transitional Priest in Charge: Rev Canon Bob Newman.Mobile 025 629 5341 Bob is at the Parish Office, 09 2360 870 St Peter s in the Forest 150 Bombay Rd Bombay every Tues. morning 9 am till noon. Drop in for a Cuppa! Box 48 Bombay, Edge of Auckland



Note for the Record

Summary Report.Central Asia and South Caucasus.Knowledge Management Workshop.Disaster Risk Reduction in Education.In March 2011, UNICEF organized a regional workshop on knowledge management to facilitate exchange of information, experiences and resources


INSTALLING A DUAL MASTER BRAKE CYLINDER by Stephen Coffey.1. Find a master cylinder from a 1979 Granada. It'll fit perfectly. 2. Remove the old master, bench bleed, and put the new one in place. 3. Remove the rear line from the brake light block, where

Public Utility Commission s10

PUBLIC UTILITY COMMISSION.Public Meeting held January 15, 2015.Commissioners Present.Robert F. Powelson, Chairman.John F. Coleman, Jr., Vice Chairman.James H. Cawley.Pamela A. Witmer.Gladys M. Brown, Dissenting Statement.Petition of Duquesne Light Company P-2014-2418242

Reactions in a Baggie

Reactions in a Baggie.Students will learn to make careful observations involving chemical reactions.1. Calcium chloride.3. Indicator (phenol red or bromthymol blue work well).4. Baggies, sandwich size (ziplock).5. Plastic spoons

Re: Announcement of Interim Service of Captioned Telephone Service

Re: Announcement of Interim Service of Captioned Telephone Service.TO ALL PENNSYLVANIA CAPTEL TRIALISTS.The Secretarial Letter of May 12, 2005, at this docket announcing the end of the captioned telephone voice relay service (CTVRS) trial in Pennsylvania

21St Century Instructional Guide for Career Technical Education s6

21st Century Instructional Guide for Career Technical Education.Medical Assistant Pharmacology.Health Science Education Cluster